Introducing Checklist Due Dates at the Template Level

When it comes to your planning process, there are certain things that you just know need to happen at a very specific time. So today, we are excited to announce that our wedding Checklist Templates are more flexible than ever because now you can set due dates on tasks as well as reminders at the… Read More »

How to Prep Your Aisle Planner Account for Booking Season

The countdown to booking season is on so, regardless of whether you are wrapping up your last few summer weddings or can’t be found because your status is “poolside, cocktail in hand,” it’s time to start preparing. So today, we’re adding to your to-do list (#sorrynotsorry) to make sure that when those couples start knocking,… Read More »

Should You Transition Existing Clients on to Aisle Planner?

So you’ve joined the awesome Aisle Planner community (yay!)—but you’ve got a handful of existing clients and weddings that you started planning prior to the addition of Aisle Planner. The question then becomes how, when and if to transition those existing clients to the Aisle Planner platform. While some planners may opt to only add… Read More »

Introducing Automatic Payment Reminders

As a busy wedding professional, there are few things as satisfying as being able to “set it and forget it.” Because, ain’t nobody got time for endlessly reminding their clients that something is due – let alone reminding themselves to send the reminder! So today, we are excited to release updates to our Invoicing and… Read More »

Introducing Multiple Document Signers

We tend to be minimalists over here at APHQ but sometimes, more is more! And today, we are excited to release an update to our Documents feature that allows you to have more than one signer on things like proposals and contracts. Plus, now you can create and send documents from outside of a Lead… Read More »

Creative Ways to Use Our New Document Editor

One of the most important philosophies here at APHQ is “Your brand. Not ours.” And, the new Document Editor helps take this core value to the next level! So today, we wanted to talk about a creative ways to use the new Document Editor that will help you grow your brand, communicate more effectively, and… Read More »

6 Ways to Share Your Aisle Planner Refer a Friend Link

Over the past few months, we’ve released A LOT of highly requested features, and that has helped turn Aisle Planner into much more than just a set of wedding planning tools – now it is truly a powerful business platform for all wedding professionals. And, we have been so graciously humbled by the overwhelmingly positive… Read More »

Introducing a New Document Editor

Don’t adjust your screens. Yes, that is an image you see in a Document! A couple weeks ago we talked about some of our favorite new Aisle Planner features and we are going to have to update that piece because now we have a new Document Editor (insert squeal here)! What Documents can I edit? The… Read More »

Introducing Lead Capture Forms

Engagement season is still a ways away but we wanted to make sure that this next one was your easiest yet. So today, we are very excited to introduce you to our new Lead Capture Form feature! The days of manually entering lead information are gone –  our Lead Capture Forms are easy to set up and… Read More »

How to Become an Aisle Planner Power User

You’ve mastered customizing checklists, assign tasks in the blink of an eye, and build day-of timelines in your sleep so, it looks like you’re on the road to becoming an Aisle Planner power user! And today, we are going talk about the ways to can elevate your AP game from jack of all trades to… Read More »

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