Updates to Settings

We’ve added a lot of new features over the past year and a half, and in an effort to streamline your experience within our tools, we consolidated some of your settings and tools to live under the Settings tab. Though you’ll take a new path to get to where you manage users, update your branding,… Read More »

Tips to Help you Nail Sales Calls and Consultations

This month at Aisle Planner, we’re focusing our efforts on all-things sales (that dirty ‘s’ word that so many of us associate with polyester-blend suits and shoddy car lots). But, our goal this month is to help you change the way you think of sales. As planners and wedding pros, selling is something we do… Read More »

3 Way to Improve Your Sales Process

Selling is much more than having smart sales strategies for converting inquiries to dollars. Think of selling as a process, or a system. The tighter your system, the better you’ll be at making the sale. Add these three things to your sales process to present yourself better to potential clients: 1. Sell Your Brand Before… Read More »

Editor’s Letter: Sales

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate sales. But, as a business owner, it is not one of those responsibilities that you can conveniently “forget to do.” (I see you – yeah you, with all of those unwritten blog posts!) Sales is one of the pillars to any business and this month, I… Read More »

Your Biggest Social Media Questions Answered

What would a month dedicated to social media be without a good ‘ol question and answer session?! So today, I am answering our community’s biggest social media questions. Read on to learn how to increase your reach, where to put your hashtags, and more! Should I put my hashtags in the caption of my post… Read More »

How Social Media is Tied to Your SEO Strategy

Nowadays, social media is more than just a way to share content. It is a way to build your brand, connect with potential clients, show off your portfolio, and help with your SEO. (Didn’t know about that last one? Yup, it sure does!) So today, I’ve partnered up with my dear friend and SEO guru,… Read More »

Featured Planner: Nicole Smith of Vision Events

The best part of my job is getting to meet people from our community in person. And, last summer, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Nicole during my trip to Raleigh for the Creative at Heart Conference. So today, I am very excited to introduce you all to her! Read on to learn about… Read More »

Our Favorite Tools for Social Media Planning & Posting

From content creation to speeding up your creative process, this month, we’re focusing on all-things social media. But perhaps one of the most tedious aspects of staying on top of your online presence is actually posting. Pulling imagery and creating captions on the fly in between client meetings and venue shopping only works for so… Read More »

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