How to Record Your Transactions: Bookkeeping Tips from Amy Northard, CPA

We all love that email confirmation that our invoice has been paid, but what happens afterwards, when it’s time to record that transaction in your bookkeeping? Let’s walk through, step-by-step, what’s going on in the back end of things when you accept an online payment through Aisle Planner’s invoicing feature. The client pays your invoice… Read More »

How to Prepare for a Wedding Weekend

As wedding professionals, we know that weddings are not just the wedding day itself. And, we also know that it takes months of preparation to set yourself up for a successful one; months of work that starts the moment you first meet with your clients and goes through that late night tear down. So today,… Read More »

Introducing Automatic Payment Reminders

As a busy wedding professional, there are few things as satisfying as being able to “set it and forget it.” Because, ain’t nobody got time for endlessly reminding their clients that something is due – let alone reminding themselves to send the reminder! So today, we are excited to release updates to our Invoicing and… Read More »

Introducing Multiple Document Signers

We tend to be minimalists over here at APHQ but sometimes, more is more! And today, we are excited to release an update to our Documents feature that allows you to have more than one signer on things like proposals and contracts. Plus, now you can create and send documents from outside of a Lead… Read More »

Starting Off as a New Wedding Planner

Every wedding planner or wedding professional has a unique story about how they got started. Sometimes it’s a story of chance, sometimes it’s a story of challenges, and sometimes it’s a story of putting one foot in front of the other. And, here at APHQ, we get to meet a lot of young wedding professionals… Read More »

Three Things Open Minded Business Owners Practice

We’re spending our July focusing on the idea of being open as business owners and planners—open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, new people and new routines. As planners with more than enough to worry about, though, we didn’t want to being open to feel like yet another bullet-point on that neverending to-do… Read More »

Sophisticated Seaside Soiree from To La Lune

From the chicest ceremony chairs we’ve ever laid eyes on to West Elm-worthy lounge spaces, we’re head over heels for Katie and Keith’s oh-so coastal nuptials. Design details ranged from wild and sweet (lush floral arrangements lining the aisle) to sleek and modern (a custom lounge area we want to pick up and put in… Read More »

Featured Planner: Toast Events

We are so excited to introduce you to this month’s Featured Planner! Lindsay Sims of Toast Events is based in Atlanta and has grown her team to service multiple locations in the south. A woman close to our heart (wait for her favorite post-wedding-late-night-snack), Lindsay and her team are putting their own twist on the classic… Read More »

Be Open

We’re knee-deep in summertime here at Aisle Planner and—with busy season in full swing and so many events and clients to juggle at once—we wanted to focus our efforts this July on being open. With workflows to follow and checklists to adhere to, oftentimes so many of us can be on auto-pilot as planners during… Read More »

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