The Top Three Times to be Unapologetic at Work

This month, we’re focusing on the idea of being unapologetic. But, with situations that range from the terrible to the tedious, how do we know when it’s time to put our foot down, versus when it’s best to just let something slide by? As wedding professionals, our job is such a balancing act of keeping… Read More »

We’re at the Creative at Heart Conference!

Well hello there! We’re so glad you visited the blog and wanted to let you know that our editors are taking a little break this week because they are at the Creative at Heart conference! We’ll be back to our normal programming on August 15th and until then, see what we’re up to at the… Read More »

Unique Las Vegas Wedding Inspiration from Weddings and Events by Emily

Forget drive-through chapels and the hustle and bustle of the Strip—we’re in absolute awe of the hidden ranch venue the couple found along the outskirts of Sin City. Our favorite part, though? The pops of bright red hues that can be found everywhere from the bride’s killer bouquet to her show-stopping lipstick. From a stunning… Read More »

Featured Planner: Southern Sparkle

This month we are all about being unapologetically you and our Featured Planner this month does just that! Krisy of Southern Sparkle Weddings knew that where she was out of college wasn’t for her so, what did she do? She went out there and made the perfect opportunity for herself! Keep reading to learn more… Read More »

Be Unapologetic

August has crept up on us quickly and, while we’re not sure we like the thought of summer nearly coming to a close (say it ain’t so!), we’re ready to take charge this month with our August focus: Be Unapologetic. So often as wedding planners and professionals our job is to make others happy—we’re event… Read More »

Creative Ways to Cool Your Wedding Guests Down

Summer is the season of weddings, but, with temps on the rise and a sun that seems to be unwilling to relent lately, how do you go about ensuring wedding guests stay comfortable and cool on a warmer-than-expected wedding day without totally interfering with the aesthetic of your wedding? We’ve got some creative (and cool)… Read More »

Should You Transition Existing Clients on to Aisle Planner?

So you’ve joined the awesome Aisle Planner community (yay!)—but you’ve got a handful of existing clients and weddings that you started planning prior to the addition of Aisle Planner. The question then becomes how, when and if to transition those existing clients to the Aisle Planner platform. While some planners may opt to only add… Read More »

Yes, You Are a Salesman

I’m willing to wager that when most of you started your businesses, you didn’t claim, at the top of your list of dreams, “becoming a salesman.” In fact, sales may not be your “thing” at all (just like accounting isn’t mine), but, when you’re a small but mighty organization, you must be intimately involved in… Read More »

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