Striking a Balance Between Generosity and Boundaries

As we focus on generosity throughout the month of November, we wanted to touch on the idea of extending generosity to your clients while still remaining firm. As planners, this can be such a tough balance to strike—wanting to go above and beyond for our clients is a natural part of the job, but oftentimes… Read More »

Using Aisle Planner With A Virtual Team

The old adage still rings true. “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” And for many wedding planners, your weakest link is time and project management. You wouldn’t guess that businesses that thrive on being detail oriented and systematic in planning the lifestyle events of clients, actually struggle with managing the day to day… Read More »

Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Use

With November’s focus being on generosity, we had to touch on one of our favorite parts of a wedding: the favors. Guests have travelled from near and far to spend the day with your couple (and, unless no presents were requested, they likely also brought along a great gift for the newlyweds)—so, treating friends and… Read More »

Building a Wedding Budget

We talked about the things you can do to prep a budget before your clients have booked with you and today, I wanted to talk about the first steps to successfully building (and managing) a wedding budget in Aisle Planner. Once a budget has been established, I set to work creating a budget breakdown (based… Read More »

How Many Hours You Should Book a Photographer For

When you work with couples who are in the thick of wedding planning, you’re sure to field a lot of questions. From vendor recommendations to budget questions, color palettes to figuring out what flowers are in season, you’re always researching things to make sure you can give your clients the most informed answers to their… Read More »

Generosity as a Small Business Owner: Three Easy Ways to Be Generous in the Workplace

This month, we’re all about being generous. So, today, we wanted to touch on generosity as a small business owner. As we talked about in November’s wallpaper download, we’ll be focusing our efforts this month on unchartered waters when it comes to generosity. Rather than looking at generosity from a monetary or philanthropic standpoint, we… Read More »

Introducing Notes Templates

Shaving time off of tasks or finishing up your workday early is one of those little wins that feels like finding money in your pocket! And, since everyone can get excited about the little things in life that add up to more time with friends, family, or making it to that yoga class on time, the… Read More »

Farmhouse Chic

With one of the dreamiest sweetheart tables we’ve ever laid eyes on and a farmhouse-chic aesthetic that has us swooning, we’re head-over-heels for Samantha and Chris’ Pennsylvania down-home nuptials. We’re especially in love with the color choices—dreamy deep wines, rusty oranges, and saturated reds come together to create a palette that feels oh-so October. Our… Read More »

Featured Planner: All You Need Is Love Events

Weddings are always a family affair and (sometimes) the business of weddings is too! And though Shannon and Vikki may not be actual sisters, it is clear that their love for each other and what they do runs deep. So keep reading to learn about this s’mores loving, Beatles obsessed wedding planning duo – trio… Read More »

Your Best Year at Being Generous

November brings us to yet another month and—believe it or not—our eleventh “theme” of the year. This month, we’re focusing our efforts on generosity, which, with the holidays and engagement season right around the corner, feels like perfect timing. I love the idea of honing in on generosity throughout November, because, as the year comes… Read More »

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