When and How to Grow Your Team: Tips from Industry Pros

December at Aisle Planner is all about dreaming big, and along those lines comes the notion of growing your team. As planners, we often are a one-woman (or one-man) show as we start out. But as we begin to grow, filling our team with more and more planners and interns becomes necessary in order to… Read More »

4 Things To Consider When Gifting To Clients

As the holiday season approaches, wedding professionals around the world are starting the last minute scramble to decide on and purchase gifts for their clients. And while some people have figured out what they were sending over the Fourth of July weekend, most of us don’t get around to this until the holiday season is… Read More »

Using Aisle Planner With A Virtual Team

The old adage still rings true. “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” And for many wedding planners, your weakest link is time and project management. You wouldn’t guess that businesses that thrive on being detail oriented and systematic in planning the lifestyle events of clients, actually struggle with managing the day to day… Read More »

How Many Hours You Should Book a Photographer For

When you work with couples who are in the thick of wedding planning, you’re sure to field a lot of questions. From vendor recommendations to budget questions, color palettes to figuring out what flowers are in season, you’re always researching things to make sure you can give your clients the most informed answers to their… Read More »

How to Cut a Wedding Cake

We’ve all had those weddings when it’s time to cut the cake and everyone looks around the room, only to have their eyes end up on you – the wedding planner. And, of course, you’re going to step in and save the day (even if you have to hack your way through cutting the cake… Read More »

Pantone Mood Board Competition

As a wedding planner, mood boards play a huge part in my overall planning process. I can chat with clients all day long about the style they want to convey, but it’s not until I see this aesthetic laid out in an all-encompassing, cohesive format that I’m able to truly get a feel for the… Read More »


Not going to lie, we did a little happy dance when we found out that BHLDN was opening a storefront in our backyard! We are quite literally obsessed with all things Anthro and knew that the opening party was going to be a fantastic night for the San Diego wedding industry. The team had such… Read More »

Wedding Emergency Kit Essentials

As we dive head-first into the middle of October (holy cow!), we’re continuing on with this month’s theme of organization. We couldn’t talk about organization, though, without touching on the good ol’ wedding emergency kit. Every planner has one, and chances are you’ve tweaked and perfected yours over the years, but we still get tons… Read More »

How to Run a Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal

As wedding planners, the wedding rehearsal is kind of a big moment. It is often the first time you meet most of the couple’s family and, maybe more importantly, it is one of the few times that you really get to show off your expertise with everyone’s full attention! So today, we wanted to talk about how to… Read More »

How to Style an Invitation Suite

I haven’t met a wedding professional that doesn’t get excited about invitations.  Since it is one of the first details to get finalized, it really sets the tone for the entire wedding planning process. From color palettes, to detail themes, wedding invitations capture the personality of the couple as well as the mood they want to set for… Read More »

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