Defining Your Worth as a Wedding Planner

With this month’s focus being on creating balance in your lives, we thought it was a perfect time to talk about defining your worth as a planner. Without having accurately defined your worth, balance can be nearly impossible to achieve, as you’re likely working way too many hours for paychecks that don’t reflect the time… Read More »

4 Tips to Get You Innovating

The pressure to innovate is something that all business owners feel at some point. And, whether you are someone who has been in business for years and is looking to stay relevant or someone just starting a business and looking to stand out, pushing yourself to be innovative can help you reach your goals. In… Read More »

Foundational Lessons in Wedding Planning with LVL Academy

LVL Weddings and Events and Aisle Planner go way back – Lindsay was one of the first planners on Aisle Planner and has been a valuable part of our community. Over the years, Lindsay and Tina have been cheering each other on as they both built their teams, grew their businesses, and achieved their goals. So,… Read More »

4 Simple Ways to WOW Your Clients

As a planner, there are certainly a number of things that are expected of you once you book a new couple in their engaged bliss. Chances are, you’re going to be the one to lead them through the seemingly stressful and never-ending to do list leading up to their big day – and they look… Read More »

The Statement Heard ‘Round the Wedding Planning World

The Knot and Loverly recently announced that they’ll offer a “concierge” service to help couples begin their wedding-planning journey by providing them with personalized vendor recommendations from the site’s network of paying subscribers. Loverly founder and CEO Kellee Khalil stated that services like this are more affordable than using a traditional wedding planner. She said,… Read More »

Building Your Portfolio – Tips to Get the Shots You Need

Let’s be real here for a second. Have you ever poured your creative soul into a wedding, so excited to submit the photos and then realized there were shots you missed staging? It’s happened to us all…and it’s definitely a bummer. We all want to end up with beautiful images of our work because, in addition to wanting… Read More »

4 Ways Technology Trends are Impacting the Wedding Industry

Technology is in a constant state of flux (hello, new Instagram algorithm!) and it can be exhausting to keep up to date with everything! It has impacted our lives in lots of ways and how we plan and celebrate weddings is no exception. People’s needs have changed because of the direction that technology pushes us and… Read More »

Onboarding Your Couples onto Aisle Planner

Aisle Planner is all about making your life and your clients’ lives easier and more efficient. To make this happen, though, strategically onboarding your clients is such an important part of the process. With the right amount of knowledge and guidance, couples will acclimate quickly (and easily) to Aisle Planner, but you have to invest… Read More »

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