Featured Planner: Nicole Smith of Vision Events

The best part of my job is getting to meet people from our community in person. And, last summer, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Nicole during my trip to Raleigh for the Creative at Heart Conference. So today, I am very excited to introduce you all to her! Read on to learn about… Read More »

Our Favorite Tools for Social Media Planning & Posting

From content creation to speeding up your creative process, this month, we’re focusing on all-things social media. But perhaps one of the most tedious aspects of staying on top of your online presence is actually posting. Pulling imagery and creating captions on the fly in between client meetings and venue shopping only works for so… Read More »

Why Print is Essential for Building an Unforgettable Brand: 5 Reasons We Love Pretty Paper (and You Should, Too)

Thank you MOO for sponsoring this post! While this was a sponsored opportunity from MOO, all opinions expressed here are our own. In a world where all-things digital seem to be taking over so many aspects of communication, we’ve recently found ourselves falling in love (all over again) with the timeless medium of print. Whether… Read More »

How to Write Social Media Captions that Convert with Ashlyn Carter

Let’s talk about social media captions that convert! While I AM a professional writer, I’m not a professional social media celebrity, wink. I’ve learned so much from my copywriting clients, who have followings of upward of 500K and 700K, and seeing what works (and what doesn’t!) with words on their accounts. My goal is to… Read More »

Editor’s Letter: Social Media

LVL Academy was last week and one of the lessons that there never seems to be enough time for is the social media discussion. From talking about what platforms are worth being on to how to create engaging content, and the always-changing-never-gonna-stop algorithm, if one thing is crystal clear, it’s that social media stresses people… Read More »

We’re at LVL Academy!

Well hello there! We’re so glad you visited the blog and wanted to let you know that our editors are taking a little break this week because they are at LVL Academy! We’ll be back to our normal programming on June 11th and until then, see what we’re up to at the conference over on Instagram!

Tips to Refine Your Brand with Rhiannon Bosse

In my nearly ten years of running a wedding planning and design company, I’ve rebranded an official three times. The first two were under the name I started my company with in 2009 and the latter, and most recent, was a complete name change to the current brand my team of three works under. All… Read More »

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