Multiple Document Signers: Who Really Needs to Sign Your Contract

The number of people involved in planning a wedding seems to keep growing, but when it comes to making it official with your clients, who really needs to sign your contract? And, though we released the ability to have multiple signers on your contracts in Aisle Planner last summer, we thought it would be a… Read More »

4 Things that Should be in Your Contract as a Wedding Professional

As a lawyer for entrepreneurs, in my book, running a business without a written contract between you and your clients is a big no-no.  Not only do written contracts clarify expectations between you two, but they help cover your booty in the event there’s ever a misunderstanding between you and your client. While there are… Read More »

Editor’s Letter: Legal

When I sat down to plan out this month’s content calendar, it was one of the few times that I hardly knew where to start. Because, unlike the rest of the topics we’ve been covering on the pro-blog, if you’re not a lawyer, you really can’t say you know what you’re talking about when it… Read More »

How to Address the Gender Pay Gap with Ellevest

Today, planners and pros, we’re tackling a big one: the gender pay gap. Working women are instrumental in contributing to thriving, healthy economies—yet the checks they cash don’t often reflect their value, worth, or contributions in the workplace. Today, then, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Ellevest to talk closing the gender pay gap… Read More »

How to Let Someone Go: Cutting Ties with Employees in a Painless, Professional, Polite Way

Throughout the month of March, we’re focusing our attention on all-things Human Resources-related—and that unfortunately covers letting team members go. While letting an employee go is never an easy task, it’s one that nearly every small business owner or wedding pro will have to go through at one point in their career. Today, then, we’re… Read More »

Exceptional Communication: The Sharpest Tool in a Planner’s Shed

We can all agree that excellent wedding professionals want to provide an outstanding wedding day for their clients.  Communication is the key ingredient to executing a successful event.  When a professional wedding planner/coordinator is hired, you can rest assured that the communication will be solid.  Month-of coordinators reach out to the wedding professionals as soon… Read More »

We’re at Oh So Inspired!

Well hello there! We’re so glad you visited the blog and wanted to let you know that our editors are taking a little break this week because they are at Oh So Inspired! We’ll be back to our normal programming on March 26th and until then, see what we’re up to at the conference over on Instagram!

3 Sanity-Saving Tips for Preventing Burnout

1. Create a Workflow…and Stick to it Workflow is something we talk a lot about at Aisle Planner, and for good reason—it really is the number-one key to preventing burnout and ensuring you save some of that all-important sanity of yours. Think of your workflow as basically an action-item list that acts as a formula… Read More »

Ways to Become a Leader Right Now

As small business owners and wedding pros, a huge part of our job is setting an example for others in the industry and/or our own employees. Society often positions being a leader as a star quality that you’re either born with or not—but we happen to think being a leader is less about possessing some… Read More »

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