Three Silly Strong Women & Why We Love Them

With April’s focus being all about the art of silliness, we wanted to take today to offer you a  roundup of three silly strong women we love—along with some pretty darn inspiring (and hilarious) quotes from each. Pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready to burn some serious calories laughing—these women will leave… Read More »

Communicating Both Playfulness and Professionalism on Your About Page

April at Aisle Planner is all about embracing your playful side—this month’s theme, after all, is Be Silly. As creative professionals in an industry that values both professionalism and all things artsy, it’s important to learn to show both our buttoned-up and beach-hair sides to potential clients. After all, most engaged couples want a planner… Read More »

Say ‘I Do’ to the Perfect Instagram FlatLay

Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, a new style of photography had us head over heels from the start – flatlays. The power of these carefully curated (yet presumably effortless) captures, invite your couples and fellow vendors into an intimate experience – much like a wedding. Flatlays offer your community a new perspective on… Read More »

Featured Planner: mStarr Design

As a wedding planner, being creative is part of your job. But, for Emily of mStarr Design, being creative IS her job! Based in New England, Emily and her team are beautifying weddings, events, and homes galore with a unique take on traditional east coast style. Keep reading to learn more about how she became a… Read More »

Be Silly

April is officially here and, with spring on the horizon and summer just down the road, we wanted to focus this month on a fun and energizing notion: Being Silly. As business owners and wedding planners, we’re often required to display the utmost levels of professionalism at all times—which is completely understandable considering we have… Read More »

When to Let Your Guard Down at Work

We live in a culture where we’re taught to separate our personal lives from our professional—and, as a result, we tend to separate our personal selves from our professional selves. Presenting ourselves as professionals is absolutely necessary—don’t get us wrong—but there are times when it’s also just as important to present ourselves as humans. While… Read More »

3 Reasons Vulnerability Equals Strength

This month, we’re all about breaking down walls—with some serious reward. We’re changing up the narrative on what it means to be vulnerable, and looking at vulnerability as a major  game changer (especially in the workplace as planners). Today, we wanted to break down three reasons vulnerability isn’t the weakness we often think of it as… Read More »

The Benefits of Vulnerability as a Leader

Since we’re spending the month of March focusing on the idea of vulnerability, we wanted to take some time today to explore the idea of vulnerability in the workplace—specifically, as leaders and business owners. As bosses, vulnerability is something we typically try to avoid—and understandably so. We often associate vulnerability with weakness or heightened emotions,… Read More »

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