Be Open

We’re knee-deep in summertime here at Aisle Planner and—with busy season in full swing and so many events and clients to juggle at once—we wanted to focus our efforts this July on being open. With workflows to follow and checklists to adhere to, oftentimes so many of us can be on auto-pilot as planners during… Read More »

10 Things Every Wedding Planner Should Own

As wedding planners, our job is to make others’ lives easier—which starts with making our own easier, first. Today, then, we wanted to share with you 10 things every wedding planner should own—we’ve rounded up our must-haves below. Read on and get ready to start filling that Amazon cart! A Wedding Planner Emergency Kit in… Read More »

10 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself During Busy Season

Whether it’s nailing down vendor contracts for your couples, finalizing design details, or rushing around to rearrange things due to last-minute weather woes, busy season takes a toll on our bodies and minds (to say the least). While doing something for yourself during wedding season may sound next to impossible, we encourage you to find… Read More »

Finding Inspiration Though Education: The Sketchbook Series

Here at Aisle Planner HQ, we are big believers in the power of education. Not just in the power of education to put new facts in your head but, in the power of education to inspire. As a wedding professional, it’s important to keep that creative bucket full – and what better way to do… Read More »

Starting Your Day on an Inspiring Foot

Ah, inspiration—the thing we’re all constantly chasing! This month, we’re focusing on the idea of being an inspiration to your clients, team and other planners. And, as it turns out, oftentimes our ability to inspire starts with the choices we make the moment we get out of bed. To help you on your quest to… Read More »

5 Easy Ways to Inspire your Team

This month, we’re all about June’s theme: Be an inspiration. But let’s be honest for a second, being inspiring can sound like an overwhelming task. As planners, we’re already accountants and design gurus and counselors…and now we’re supposed to be an inspiration on top of it all? Where in the world do you even start?… Read More »

9 Things Every Business Owner Needs To Do ASAP

So you’ve opened the doors, booked some clients, and are on your way to being a full-fledged badass business owner. Right? You think you have everything under control until you start hearing terms like “LLC” or “balance sheet” thrown around and suddenly, running a business seems a lot more daunting than just working with clients…. Read More »

Featured Planner: Ninth and Everett

As a small team with two married couples on staff, we kind of have this thing about other married couples who are working together. So, when we met Josiah and Blake of Ninth & Everett, we had to chat about working with your spouse, their take on the “southern wedding,” and about all of the new… Read More »

Be An Inspiration

Just when we were thinking we’d only dipped our toes into 2017, June 1st rolled around and reminded us that we’re already almost halfway through the year.  If you’re as surprised about June’s arrival as we are—wasn’t it just March?—you’re probably in need of some serious inspiration to get you through the busy season. We’re… Read More »

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