Ways to Become a Leader Right Now

As small business owners and wedding pros, a huge part of our job is setting an example for others in the industry and/or our own employees. Society often positions being a leader as a star quality that you’re either born with or not—but we happen to think being a leader is less about possessing some… Read More »

Editor’s Letter: Human Resources

When I think about the moments business ideas have popped into my head, I almost immediately start taking stock of what I need to get the thing off of the ground. From assessing what I can take care of on my own to putting together the list of people I know who can help, the… Read More »

How to Market Yourself and Network Within the Wedding Industry

As a wedding professional, the people you surround yourself with can have a considerable impact on your brand and business. Sometimes who you know and who you work with can be the make or break when you are trying to book a client or build a dream team for them. Or, the strength of your… Read More »

Marketing Mistakes to Avoid: Just Say No To These 5 Common Marketing Mishaps

As business owners and wedding pros, we’re constantly on the hunt for ways to increase brand visibility and communicate with (and hopefully convert) potential clients. But, in our efforts to be branding beasts and marketing monsters, it’s common to fall into a few easily avoidable marketing traps. Today, then, we’re talking marketing mistakes to avoid… Read More »

How to Build a Strong Content Marketing Strategy with Two Bright Lights

Have you ever created content, thrown that figurative spaghetti at the wall, and crossed your fingers that it was going to do something? Welp, that strategy (or lack there of) ends here. We’ve teamed up with Two Bright Lights to help you build a strong content marketing strategy for your wedding business. And, in this webinar… Read More »

How to Create a Strong Facebook Ad with Jaymie Tarshis

For most business owners just getting started with Facebook or Instagram ads, the “Boost Post” option can be very tempting. It takes less than a minute and you can start with a budget as little as just $1/day. However, if the only thing you’re doing to advertise on Facebook is boosting your posts, you are… Read More »

Should I Take on Some Debt to Market my Business?

Last month, we announced we’re working with the savvy minds behind Ellevest, a female-focused investment platform specifically tailored to address women’s salaries, life cycles, and preferences. Today, then, we’re so excited to be back at the super-chic conference table with our Ellevest friends to talk money…or, perhaps more accurately, the lack thereof: debt. While the… Read More »

7 Tips to Help You Create an Effective Marketing Brochure

In a world of information overload, short attention spans, and saturated markets, a strong brochure can be one of the sharpest tools in your marketing toolbox. So today, I’m sharing some tips to help you create one that converts! Read on and then block some time to make updates to yours. 1. Set a Goal… Read More »

Marketing Channels and Tools to Try if You Haven’t

Ah, the wedding pro hustle—it’s something we’re all subject to. No matter how long you’ve been in the industry or how much experience you have, capitalizing on strategic marketing opportunities should always be on your radar. Getting your brand in front of the right audience can be a bit tricky—but it’s absolutely crucial to your… Read More »

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