3 Ways to Collaborate as a Wedding Planner

As we wonder where exactly September went (holy whiplash Batman!), we wanted to touch once more on the month’s focus—collaboration. As planners, we often feel that we have to do it all ourselves (because we often do have to do it all ourselves), but sometimes a little collaboration can go a long way. This doesn’t… Read More »

The Benefits of Group Brainstorming

As planners and small business owners, we can’t live isolated lives—we have to network, converse and collaborate with those around us in order to make our work the absolute best it can be. Oftentimes, this simply means sitting around a table with coworkers and peers, throwing ideas at all wall and seeing what sticks. Today,… Read More »

Featured Planner: Sage Wedding Pros

If you know Kelly Simants of Sage Wedding Pros, you know that this is one strong woman! She balances two successful businesses, two young sons, and everything else life decides to throw at her with grace. So when we had the opportunity to collaborate with her and be a sponsor of her upcoming Be Sage… Read More »

Your Best Year in Collaboration

Collaboration—what a beautiful, intimidating, inspiring, frightening thing. Sharing your ideas and secrets with others and asking to hear theirs can be scary—especially in an industry that’s extremely competitive. But, if there’s one thing my years as a wedding planner taught me it’s that you are always better off with others than you are alone. Our… Read More »

Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

This month, we’re all about learning to embrace challenges. So we consulted with our very own Director of PR and Owner of Lucky & In Love, Katherine Oyer, to get her expert opinion. And today we are breaking down five common wedding-planning mistakes and how you can learn from (and eventually avoid) them. Get those notepads ready,… Read More »

5 Tips to Close the Sale

As a wedding and event planner, we meet with many couples. It can be frustrating when a potential client takes a long time to make a decision. Here are 5 tips to help close the sale after your next consultation: Ask When They Expect to Make a Decision This will help you understand where they… Read More »

Embracing Common Wedding Planning Challenges

All throughout August, we’re focusing on embracing challenge and, as planners responsible for the ins and outs of the biggest day of our couples’ lives, we often have plenty of challenges to embrace. Though we’d all prefer a smooth-as-ever planning process, when we’re faced with challenges, we’re given the opportunity to grow, learn and adjust… Read More »

Overcoming Unexpected Change in Business

This month, we’re all about embracing challenge and, when it comes to business, few things can be as challenging (and as scary) as change. As planners and small business owners, the smallest upset can oftentimes seem like a huge hurdle. Today, then, I wanted to talk a little bit about overcoming, and eventually learning to… Read More »

Five Ways to Challenge Yourself as a Business Owner

As small business owners and planners, embracing challenge is something we have to learn to do in order to become our most successful selves. We have no choice but to deal with unexpected challenges all of the time — last-minute mind-changes, cancelled meetings and inclement weather are all just part of the gig. But, the… Read More »

Featured Planner: Chancey Charm Weddings

The team here at Aisle Planner is pretty over the moon with Chancey Charm! We know first hand what the challenges of scaling up feel like and when Chancey Charm’s leader-in-chief, Sarah, reached out to us about bringing all of her cross-country team on board, we were excited to help them on their exciting journey!… Read More »

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