Building Confidence as a Business Owner

Last week, we spoke about finding confidence as a new planner. Today, we’re going to cover three ways to boost your confidence as a business owner – whether you’re just starting out, or well into your career. As a business owner, and in my case, a female business owner in her almost thirties, there are… Read More »

Prepping for Baby with Francine Ribeau Events: Now vs. Then

Last year, we sat down with Francine Ribeau, owner of Francine Ribeau Events, to talk wedding planning with a baby on the way. We decided to follow back up with Francine now that her little one has made his appearance to see what helpful and hilarious insights she has since learned. Hindsight, as they say,… Read More »

How to Build a Marketing Strategy with Confidence

When you started your business as a wedding planner, you probably thought you’d get to focus on the details of your couples’ weddings most of the time. But, the truth about being a wedding planner (and a business owner) is that there are a million and a half things that you are responsible for in… Read More »

Finding Confidence as a New Wedding Planner

We’re focusing on confidence all throughout the month of January, and we’re so excited to explore the topic of finding confidence as a new planner today. Our industry is saturated with seasoned pros and stunning events to boot, which can often be intimidating for all of the new-to-the-game planners or first-time business owners out there…. Read More »

3 Simple Ways to Practice Confidence This Week

The new year is in full swing, and we’re spending our January focusing on confidence. We’re so excited to begin 2017 with the theme of confidence, as it’s probably one of the most important things we can bring to the table for our business. As planners, so much of our work requires confidence—the confidence to… Read More »

Featured Planner: Moxie Bright Events

If there was ever a person who is not afraid of color, pattern, and general merriment, it’s Renee Dalo. A native New Yorker living in Los Angeles, she is probably teaching us west coasters how to properly order food from a street vendor and hail a cab. So today, we are excited to share our… Read More »

Be Confident

2017 is officially here…and we’re still scratching our heads trying to figure out how that happened so fast. Even though it snuck up on us, we’re so excited for a fresh start and a brand new year here at Aisle Planner! This year, all of our monthly themes will revolve around the idea of Be… Read More »

Looking Back: 2016 in Review

Another year is in the books and I could not have imagined closing out this year like we are just about to do! 2016 has been the best kind of challenge here at Aisle Planner HQ so, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past 365 days. This year was the year… Read More »

3 Simple Habits to Help You Dream Big for Your Business

We’re closing out 2016 with a heavy focus on something we all could stand to do more of—Dreaming Big. As planners and small business owners (among the 75 other roles we play every single day), it can be exhausting enough to just keep up with the status quo, let alone to entertain the idea of… Read More »

Tips for Building Out a New Website

Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking for a little refresh or a complete brand site overhaul, there are some key elements you should consider when building out your new website. Always Start With a Strategy What are you goals? Get honest about your business and think about what you want to achieve with your new… Read More »

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