Enjoy Flowers: Beautiful Blooms for Your Budget-Conscious Clients

Enjoy Flowers: Beautiful Blooms for Your Budget-Conscious Clients
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As wedding professionals, we often see our newly engaged clients’ excitement of “Yes!” wear off all too quickly as the reality of planning for “I do!” begins to set in. The initial bliss of a new engagement is overcome by the bluster of following timelines and making decisions. The charm of browsing Pinterest boards for inspiration dissipates under the weight of checklist item after checklist item. This, we know, is why we do what we do. With an eye for style and a knack for detail diligence, we’re brought on to put our experience and expertise to work. It becomes our job to make the matrimonial planning madness melt away.

From bliss to buzzkill…

Money is one of the biggest culprits of wedding planning stress for couples, along with the pursuit of perfection and the general aggravation of decision-making. Even to the savviest of future brides and grooms, many of the costs of planning a wedding are wholly unknown. While flowers are the source of some of the event’s most Insta-worthy memories, the floral line item often winds up taking the biggest hit. Other, typically more expensive elements such as venue and menu take priority, cutting deep into even the healthiest of budgets.

Average Wedding Floral Arrangement Prices

  • Bridal bouquet: $200
  • Bridesmaid bouquet: $90
  • Boutonniere: $14
  • Wrist corsage: $22
  • Flower girl: $45
  • Altar centerpiece: $160-200
  • Pew / Aisle Markers: $25
  • Centerpiece: $100
  • Garden Arch: $300
  • Garland: $150-180

*Data courtesy of Euromonitor International via Enjoy Flowers

Enjoy Flowers: Beautiful Blooms for Your Budget-Conscious Clients
Photo courtesy of Enjoy Flowers

Like many tangible goods, a whole lot of hands are involved in the process of getting fresh flowers to any fete. Every time a new set touches each stem along the way, the price goes up. Sometimes just a little, sometimes a whole lot. With price point averages forcing even the most humble of floral budgets north of $1,500 without the blink of an eye, it’s no wonder why collars get a little hot and tensions run high among the newly engaged in the midst of making plans for their big day.

Be the hero and save “hopelessly romantic”.

By virtue of the profession – and this applies to planners, venue managers, officiants and others alike – you’re always part advisor when working with couples. Having those aces up your sleeve, your super-secret fixes to any planning problem is key to delivering an unforgettable client experience (and getting that glowing review!). By owning the wedding florals process from seed to safely packed and expertly designed shipment, Enjoy Flowers has created just such a solution and a fantastic, affordable complement to your services.

Enjoy Flowers: Beautiful Blooms for Your Budget-Conscious Clients
Photo courtesy of Enjoy Flowers

Curated, crafted and shipped straight from their own eco-friendly farms in Colombia, Enjoy Flowers offers a full range of floral arrangement packages built to fit any wedding budget. Every couple and, therefore, every wedding style is different – even in some of the most subtle ways. Knowing this, they’ve created a full range of color palettes, themes and customization choices to ensure you have the options and flexibility to offer your clients so you can work with them to truly create a one-of-a-kind day that perfectly represents them.

Average Enjoy Flowers Budgets By Wedding Size

  • Small Weddings (25-50 Guests): Avg $350 – $500
  • Medium Weddings (50-75 Guests): Avg $700 – $900
  • Large Weddings (75-100 Guests): Avg $1000 – $1200
  • Extra Large Weddings (100 Guests or more): Avg $1300 – $2000
Enjoy Flowers: Beautiful Blooms for Your Budget-Conscious Clients
Photo courtesy of Enjoy Flowers

Enjoy Flowers WeddingThe Enjoy Flowers family has worked with flowers for more than four decades. Through this experience, they’ve found a new way to share their love of flowers with others, a way to give people the experience of constantly enjoying a life surrounded by flowers. See their collections and apply to be an Enjoy Flowers partner to get bonuses and exclusive offers for your clients.

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