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As planners, we’re constantly on the hunt for creative details and experiences to weave into our clients’ weddings. With the huge rise in popularity we’re currently seeing with photo booths, we’ve been on the hunt for a fun, non-traditional, twist on this classic wedding staple—and we think we finally found it. Enter: Camera Camper, a San Diego-based mobile vintage trailer photo booth that we’re 100% sure your clients will swoon over.

Created by Tish and Paul Tralka (a husband-and-wife duo who have a serious knack for giving new life to old things), we especially appreciate the fact that Camera Camper feels both personal and nostalgic—two themes that more and more couples are wanting to incorporate into their weddings these days. We love the idea of adding a wedding with Camera Camper to your portfolio to really give it some character and help connect you with future clients who fall in love with the quirky-cool idea.

Aisle Planner Camera Camper

Why We Love Camera Camper:

  • With room for up to 10 guests to fit inside at once, it makes for a great icebreaker.
  • Though the camper feels vintage, it works well for a number of design aesthetics. We love it for an Earthy affair, a boho beach wedding, a dreamy outdoor reception, or even travel-themed nuptials (which are super popular right now).
  • Guests leave with a physical copy of their photo, while the couple is still given digital access to all photos taken.
  • We also love the idea of using the camera camper as an added backdrop for photos of the couple (i.e. you can treat it as part of your design aesthetic, rather than having to hide it in the background).

Camera Camper Pricing and Logistics:

  • Camera Camper charges $300 per hour for the first two hours, and $200 per hour for each additional hour. That price includes:
    • Unlimited printed photo strips
    • Custom branded logo
    • Digital folder of all photos taken
    • Wide variety of props
    • Social media capabilities if WiFi is available
    • Photo booth marquee and light installations to help light up area
    • Helpful and friendly booth attendant
    • With all packages, the Camera Camper crew arrives 1-2 hours prior to the event for setup (although they can arrive earlier if need be). The hours you’re paying for represent the actual time the camper is open for guests to use.

Are you in Southern California and want to book Camera Camper for your next event? Get in touch with them here.

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