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Can I create a custom planning template?

There are two types of templates you can create in Aisle Planner:  wedding templates and timeline templates.


Wedding Templates

Wedding templates are combination of planning categories, checklist items and budget. When you create a new wedding, you’ll have the option to choose the template you’d like to use, and we’ll populate the checklist/budget and planning categories as you have them set up in your template.  This is a great opportunity to customize the checklist to match your own planning process.  For example, you can scale back/simplify our default checklist, or delete our checklist completely and started from scratch. You can set up different templates for full service and month of planning packages.  It’s also possible to remove the CATEGORIES and replaced them with Phases for planning, and create non-wedding event templates for other social events. There are many options!

To create your first wedding template:

  1.  Visit the TEMPLATES section on your planner dashboard.
  2.  On the left, you’ll see WEDDING TEMPLATES. Make a copy of our default template, open the template copy, and rename this template accordingly.  For example, you may want to create a template for YOUR COMPANY NAME – FULL SERVICE WEDDING
  3.  Scroll all the way down past the categories (do not worry about these until you’ve gotten more familiar with how the tools work) and you’ll see a place where you can click EDIT CHECKLIST and EDIT BUDGET.
  4. Click to edit, and customize from there!
  5. Follow the same process for timeline templates

Once you’ve created your custom templates, when you add a new wedding, be sure to select the template you’d like to use.  Once you create a wedding, you won’t be able to go back in to change your wedding template.



Timeline Templates

For timeline templates, you can edit our existing timeline, or create your own from scratch, and import the appropriate version into any wedding.  Our template is designed to help you jump start your wedding day timeline.

To learn more about creating timeline templates, click here.

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