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Webinar Replay — Getting Started with Aisle Planner Part 1: Pro Tools

Sometimes getting started can be the hardest part, so we’ve created the Aisle Planner Getting Started webinar series to help transition your planning into Aisle Planner.

In Part 1 of our webinar series replay, we’ll cover the basics of getting your company account set and personalized. We’ll review:

– How to navigate through our pro tools with ease.
– How to create the ideal experience for your clients with personal branding
– How to make the most of your vendor library.
– How to customize your planning templates to honor your own planning process.
– How to add other planners to your account and plan better together.

Don’t have time to watch the entire webinar all at once? Find the information that you’re looking for with these helpful shortcuts:


2:21 – Custom Branding & setting up your custom client login page, company stationery and branded emails

5:55 – Setting up your vendor library

8:35 – Customizing your wedding, checklist and budget templates

20:00 – Customizing your wedding day timeline templates

22:50 – Using the master calendar

24:40 – Adding other planners to your account and each wedding

25:44 – Setting the default currency for your account

26:00 – Your account settings, notification preferences, subscription & billing



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