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One of the best things about being a part of the wedding industry is the fact that there is no shortage of inspiration. From events that inspire you to be the best business owner you can be to events that inspire you to be as creative as you can be, the wedding industry continues to make our heads explode with ideas.

And, one of the events that we have been inspired by for years is the Cream Event! We attended last year as a team and are so excited to announce that we’ve decided to participate as one of the vendors showcasing at the event! The team has been on creative overdrive dreaming up our event space and we thought that it would be fun to have a chat with the team behind it all. So, read on to learn about what inspired the event in the first place, this year’s theme, and what you can expect when you attend!

Aisle Planner The Cream Event
Photo courtesy of The Cream Event via Green Wedding Shoes

What inspired the CREAM Event?

Paige Appel and Kelly Harris of Bash Please founded the CREAM in 2010 after seeing a void in the market – a curated experiential wedding showcase highlighting the raddest people in the industry. They wanted to take the traditional ballroom wedding fair and turn it into a fun party where vendors could think outside the standard 8×8 box.

How does it differ from other industry showcases?

We ask that all vendors design their space to fit within the theme and color palette that we create for each iteration. That’s why each CREAM Event looks different from the last, but cohesive amongst the vendors. This provides a curated look and feel that sets us apart from other showcases.

How do you plan an event that is engaging for engaged couples and wedding professionals alike?

The key is to curate an interesting mix of vendors, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re an engaged couple looking for a wedding photographer, or an event professional wanting to taste the latest eats from a caterer, there are moments of discovery suited for a diverse attendee mix.

The question we’re asking vendors to interpret is: What would your dreams look like if they came to life? Tell us about this year’s theme.

Each event will have the same theme, but the colors and inspiration will vary from city to city so attendees and online viewers will get a different experience with each iteration.


Aisle Planner The Cream Event
Photo courtesy of The Cream Event via Green Wedding Shoes

This year the CREAM Event is hitting up two new cities. What can people expect at the inaugural events?

One hell of a great party! Seriously.

How would you describe the vendors who participate? Who attend?

Participating vendors are looking to show couples (and peers) their creative chops on an open, edited platform. They’re strong collaborators and industry innovators.Those who attend are wanting to connect with their friend-ors, foster community and see how others are pushing the envelope.

How would you describe the couples who attend?

The CREAM couple is hungry for inspiration and merely curious about what the industry has to offer. They’re looking for a one-stop-shop (so to speak), where they can find high impact moments for their wedding day, whether that be a stylized photographer or a unique signature cocktail.

Aisle Planner The Cream Event
Photo courtesy of The Cream Event via Green Wedding Shoes

At the end of an event, what does the team look forward to the most?

We love hearing stories about collaborations that have happened between vendors, seeing the fruits of everyone’s labor in the form of epic photographs and most of all, knowing that our awesome community tore it up on the dance floor together (Thanks, Flashdance!).

How you going to top all this next year?

With each iteration, we’re inspired by a fresh theme that breathes new life into the event. It’s easy for us, our Crop members raise the bar year after year!



Want to attend the Cream Event this year? Team AP will be participating in the Los Angeles event! Book your tickets here and we’ll see you there!

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