Webinar: Is Your Wedding Business Legally Protected?

Is your wedding business legally protected? Asking yourself, “What does that even mean?” Then this legal masterclass with lawyer Annette Stepanian is for you!  Grab this 60 minute online webinar for just $47 and learn:

  • When to officially trademark or copyright something
  • What type of contracts you need to protect yourself
  • How to protect your content from poachers
  • What type of business structure you need
  • Whether you need a terms of service and privacy policy for your website

…you know, all the things you’ve been hoping you’ve done correctly!

Learn more about the webinar and purchase it so make sure the business you have worked so hard to build is legally protected here!

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Tayler Cusick Hollman
Tayler Cusick Hollman

Tayler is a contributing editor at Aisle Planner. She is obsessed with color and pattern, notoriously cooks everything from scratch, and can sometimes be seen cruising around on a skateboard.

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