10 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself During Busy Season

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Whether it’s nailing down vendor contracts for your couples, finalizing design details, or rushing around to rearrange things due to last-minute weather woes, busy season takes a toll on our bodies and minds (to say the least). While doing something for yourself during wedding season may sound next to impossible, we encourage you to find some time to treat yourself to simple forms of relaxation during your busiest months. Maintaining your sanity, after all, is the key to keeping your cool when that client Facetimes you at 2 a.m. (for the third time this week). Below, we’ve broken down ten simple ways to treat yourself that won’t break your budget or blackout your schedule. Read on, and get ready for some serious relaxation.

Visit a Dry Bar

Is there anything better than having someone else wash and style your hair? We think not. Many dry bars offer discounts for first-time visitors, so be sure to do your research online first and take advantage of any coupons or discounts you can find. Plus, stylists at dry bars are trained in the art of speed—so having your hair blown out won’t make you late for that rehearsal dinner or client meeting.

Take Advantage of Local Spa Discounts

Most spas offer discounted treatments for locals—all you have to do is ask. Call around and see what deals you can find in your city. Then, go for a treatment—if you don’t have time for a full-blown 90-minute massage, opt for a foot massage or simple aromatherapy treatment instead.

Throw Yourself a Wine & Cheese Party for One

The next time you know you’ll have a night off, why not head to that local cheese shop downtown and pick up a few high-end cheeses, artisan crackers and fair-trade sweet treats to pair with a great bottle of wine? If you’re anything like we are, you probably enjoy a little wine and cheese often—but the key to making this wine-and-cheese night special is to truly treat it like a party for yourself: opt for unique cheeses rather than that block of cheddar and maybe even dust off that pretty cutting board you never use.

Stop in a Nail Salon for a Quick Hand Massage

No time for a full mani/pedi? Not to worry—most nail salons offer hand massages at a fraction of the cost of a full manicure. The next time you have a few extra minutes before that meeting, swing by the nearest salon and treat yourself (and your hands) to ten minutes of pure bliss.

Take Advantage of First-Time Studio Discounts

Most yoga, pilates and workout studios offer a free week trial for locals. So, the next time busy season has you feeling tense and tight, why not treat yourself to a 60-minute yin yoga class at absolutely no cost?

Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Day

We love the idea of turning your bedroom into a relaxation haven for a few hours. We recommend purchasing a small diffuser and some essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus and sage are both great for relaxation) to set the mood. Simply add oil and water to the diffuser and turn it on before you’re ready to begin your spa day—your room will smell amazing in about ten minutes. We also love these orbits eye stones (pop them in the fridge before you use them) these herbal booties (your feet will thank you) and this acupressure mat (hello, nap from heaven)—all from Uncommon Goods.

Immerse Yourself in Your Favorite Art Form

Whether you love a day at the pottery studio, are a sucker for walking around an art gallery, or simply like to scour bookstores for bestsellers, one of the simplest ways to relax your mind is to treat it to whatever art form makes you the happiest. We love the idea of spending an afternoon shopping in your city’s arts district, spending a night with girlfriends taking a wine-and-painting class, or even spending an evening on the couch curled up with your favorite book.

Make a DIY Face Mask

Face masks are such a simple and inexpensive way to pamper yourself—but those $200 tubs can be real budget-breakers, and we happen to DIY masks pack just as much punch as anything you’ll find at a cosmetics counter. Mix manuka honey with a few teaspoons of turmeric to combat redness and inflammation. To draw out toxins and clean pores, mix manuka honey with activated charcoal. (Leave either on for 20-30 minutes before washing off in the shower—rather than the sink—as the turmeric and charcoal can stain.) Or, for a facial you have to try to believe (trust us—this stuff is pure magic), mix a few tablespoons of this super inexpensive but crazy effect Indian Healing Clay with Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and water for a mask that will leave your skin feeling as cleansed and radiant as it does after a 90-minute facial. (Your skin will be red afterward—so we recommend doing it at night or on a day off.

Embark on Some Inspired Imbibing

Have a bar near you that’s known for its killer cocktails and skilled bartenders? Why not stop in one evening and ask the bartender to whip up something special for you? Bartenders love customers who allow them to get creative, and you might just end up discovering your new favorite drink that way. Simply tell them your likes and dislikes and ask that they make you a custom cocktail—most will love the challenge.

Let Delivery Services Do the Work

On those nights when you’re absolutely beat, there’s nothing more rewarding than not having to get out of your pajamas for dinner. With Postmates, UberEats and tons of other meal-delivery services out there, staying home for gourmet meals has never been easier. Plus, delivery services like Postmates will even deliver tubs of Ben & Jerry’s, any groceries you need, convenience-store goods, Apple store items and nearly anything else you can imagine. The next time you’re feet are too tired to do the work yourself, pour yourself a glass of wine and online-order away.

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