10 Things Every Wedding Planner Should Own

Aisle Planner 10 Things Ever Wedding Planner Should Own
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As wedding planners, our job is to make others’ lives easier—which starts with making our own easier, first. Today, then, we wanted to share with you 10 things every wedding planner should own—we’ve rounded up our must-haves below. Read on and get ready to start filling that Amazon cart!

A Wedding Planner Emergency Kit in a Great Roller Bag

First and foremost, every wedding planner needs a great emergency kit that contains everything from sunscreen to batteries—but you also need a great bag to tow all of those extra supplies around. We’ve broken down the basics of a great wedding planner emergency kit here—you’ll want something compact, discreet (think solid black rather than that lime-green polka dot bag you have your eye on), and easily portable (preferably a bag that has four spinner wheels).

A Go-To Pair of Shoes

Second on our roundup today is an absolute no-brainer when it comes to running around on the day-of—every wedding planner should own a pair of super comfortable, event-friendly shoes. You don’t ever want to wear a brand-new pair of shoes on the day of an event—regardless of how comfortable they look. Try to avoid heels, but if you must have the added height, opt for wedges or platforms that you’ve already worn in for comfort.

Heel/Shoe Inserts

As a planner, you’re on your feet for hours and hours at a time—and your feet need all of the help they can get. Even if you’re rocking the comfiest shoes on the planet, a heel or shoe insert will make for such a more comfortable experience. (Opt for cooling gel if the weather’s hot, arch support if you have flat feet, etc.)

An Essential Oil Roller

There’s a reason people say take a deep breath when we’re stressed out. Breath is everything when it comes to slowing our heart rate and dropping that stress level immediately. And breath plus a little essential oil is pure heaven. We recommend keeping an essential oil roller stick (we prefer doTERRA “Past Tense”) in your bag, and rolling a bit on your wrist or just under your nose when you feel that stress from the terrible weather or that late vendor getting to you—then, inhale a few times and feel yourself immediately soften.

A Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle

Weddings can make for 10- or even 12-hour days, and staying hydrated is absolutely key. The problem is, water becomes a little less appetizing when it’s been sitting in the sun for hours. To keep you hydrated with something you’ll actually want to drink, then, every planner needs a great insulated water bottle. We prefer Hydro Flasks, which will keep your ice intact for up to 24 hours (trust us—these work like a charm) or S’well Bottles, which are just as pretty as they are effective (they’re vacuum-insulated just like Hydro Flasks and will keep your liquids ice-cold just as long).  

Software That Makes Your Job Easier

As a wedding planner, there’s nothing more liberating than getting rid of that bulky binder. We’re firm believers that every planner needs software that’s streamlined, simple and—most importantly—effective. In fact, this mindset was what let us to found Aisle Planner in the first place. You’ll find everything from checklists and invoicing to contracts and timelines on Aisle Planner—and all of it serves to save you time and sanity.

A Custom Logo Stamp

Branding is such a key part of growing your business, and we’re absolutely obsessed with using stamps to help ensure everything you touch is branded with your logo for a fraction of the cost of custom printing. We’re head-over-heels for the custom business stamps from Hello World Paper Co—they’re so affordable, and the process is super simple (just email a logo, sizing preference and some direction on what exactly you’re looking for and she’ll whip up a stamp that will last you a lifetime in just a few weeks). You can then stamp everything from cards to boxes with your logo—think: dropping donuts to a client as a thank-you and stamping the donut box, ordering plain Note Cards from Paper Source and stamping them with your logo as thank-you cards or welcome cards for clients, etc.  

Muscle Relief Patches

Whether it’s our shoulders tensing up from stress or our back locking up after carrying those insanely heavy boxes from our car to the venue, wedding planning can put some serious stress on our bodies—which is why Number 8 on our roundup brings us to a trusty pack of muscle relief patches (Bengay, Salonpas, etc.). Even if you feel like you’re in great physical shape, always have a few in your bag on the day of weddings—you never know what will spasm or lock-up at just the wrong moment!

A Lightweight, Waterproof Jacket

Nothing beats a tried-and-true lightweight, waterproof jacket—and we happen to think every planner needs one with them (or stored away in their car) on the day-of. Weather can change drastically on a moment’s notice (as planners, we’re acutely aware of this), which is why it’s key to keep something in your car or bag that doesn’t take up a ton of space, but that will still sheild you from the elements. We’ve tried tons, and our all-time favorite jacket for this purpose is the Patagonia Houdini Jacket—it has an adjustable hood and packs down into a stuff-sack. It’s perfect for when the sun goes down on a beach or the wind picks up on a lake—and it will get you through those rainy spring weddings with its water-repellent surface.

A Portable Toolkit

As planners, we’re designers, accountants, business owners, therapists and—yes—carpenters, which is why having the right tools on hand on the day of weddings is crucial. You don’t need to travel with a chainsaw in your trunk, but a simple comprehensive toolkit that includes screwdrivers, a small hammer, nails, a staple gun, tacks, etc. is a must. You never know what you’ll need to hammer into the ground or staple back together on the day of—and you don’t want to be left running around the venue looking for someone who can help.


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