3 Reasons Vulnerability Equals Strength

Aisle Planner Reasons Vulnerability Equals Strength
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This month, we’re all about breaking down walls—with some serious reward. We’re changing up the narrative on what it means to be vulnerable, and looking at vulnerability as a major  game changer (especially in the workplace as planners). Today, we wanted to break down three reasons vulnerability isn’t the weakness we often think of it as being, but rather, is a serious strength. So start flexing those planner-of-the-year muscles—we’ve got three reasons vulnerability, when done right, makes you look stronger than you think.


To let down our guard and be open shows some serious confidence if done correctly. By not holding back in, say, office brainstorming sessions and not being overly judgmental of our own ideas, we show those around us that we’re not slaves to what others think. We’re confident enough to speak up and voice our opinions—and we’re confident enough to know that, even if our opinions or ideas aren’t automatically liked by everyone around us, that doesn’t change the way we feel about ourselves and our abilities.

It shows COURAGE

Speaking our minds in a productive manner and letting others know what’s going on inside of our heads shows some serious courage. We often think keeping silent is strength—and silence certainly has its place in the workplace—but being open with our thoughts and opinions in a professional and clear manner shows those around us that we are, in a word, brave. Speaking our minds can often put us in a vulnerable place, but it also puts us in a place of pure courage and strength.

It shows CLARITY

Oftentimes, we associate being vulnerable with being emotional—which are two completely different things. Being overly emotional and unpredictable in the workplace—especially as event planners who need to provide some serious guidance and strength for our emotional clients—isn’t a great idea. Being vulnerable, on the other hand, simply means you’re opening yourself up—by sharing ideas, by being transparent, by communicating clearly what it is that’s on your mind. The vulnerability we’re pushing for this month isn’t the vulnerability that we associate with open-air cry sessions with our closest girlfriends—it’s the vulnerability we associate with opening ourselves up to criticism by communicating what it is we truly think. By doing so in a straightforward, unemotional and courageous manner, we show clarity in our own thoughts and opinions.


Overall, being vulnerable is all about opening ourselves up without fear of the criticism that may follow. And that, as we’ve just broken down, shows some serious confidence, courage and clarity–which are three things every engaged couple wants to see from their planner. So, the next time you’re over-thinking that off-the-wall design idea you have, we encourage you to stop beating yourself up and simply communicate that idea clearly. (After all, what’s the worst that could happen?) You may be putting yourself in a vulnerable position, but you’re also showing some seriously impressive strength.

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