4 Simple Ways to WOW Your Clients

Aisle Planner Ways to Wow Your Clients
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As a planner, there are certainly a number of things that are expected of you once you book a new couple in their engaged bliss. Chances are, you’re going to be the one to lead them through the seemingly stressful and never-ending to do list leading up to their big day – and they look to you as an advisor, a friend, a confidant, a miracle worker, a creative design genius and a strict budget manger. All in all, expectations for the role you’ve stepped into are high, but going above and beyond doesn’t have to break the bank on your end, nor do you have to pull some wedding-planner-fireworks-surprise-elephant-celebrity-concert wizardry out of your back pocket to give them that “wow” feeling. Here are four simple ways to wow your clients throughout your time together.

Anticipate Needs

Going above and beyond starts with an incredible attention to detail, and a well-tuned listening ear. When you’re paying attention, you may start to notice when your client is getting a bit antsy about a certain aspect of planning, say the DJ, the videographer or even the table design. Take the time to break from your standard planning process and push things up on your own checklist, so when your bride inevitably asks if you can start working on X, Y or Z ahead of schedule, you already have the answers for her. Better yet, send over the options before she asks – she will feel like you’re reading her mind, which only strengthens your relationship.

Be Prompt

No matter the email, the text, the call, or the photo comment notification you receive from Aisle Planner, try to take the time to respond as quickly as possible (respecting your pre-set boundaries, of course!). If your couple asks you to do a little digging on a quote or rental options, or if they send over a menu card to proof, do what you can to get things back to them as soon as possible, even if the answer is “looking into this!” Making your client feel important and top of mind can be simple. They’ll appreciate you working hard on their behalf – and there’s nothing better than receiving an email back that says “HOW ARE YOU SO FAST?!”. Honestly, it’s a day maker.

Notice Milestones

This is a personal preference, but becoming Facebook friends and following your clients on Instagram is a giant help in noticing milestones in their lives. In the time you are working with a client, often an entire year, chances are there will be some big changes in their lives that are non-wedding related. One of the pair may get promoted, a new job, maybe they close on a house or even get a new puppy! Your input forms will usually ask for an address, so use this opportunity to send over a little snail mail surprise. Maybe a floral arrangement for a birthday, or a card and a Starbucks gift certificate for a first day of a new job. If nothing “big & new” goes down during the months you’re planning – there’s always holidays to choose from, even a seasonal greeting like a new mug filled with hot coco packets when the weather cools down. Anything that is tailored to what your client loves to do.

Celebrate their commitment

I am a firm believer in saving a little something extra for the end. It takes a bit of tracking and calendar awareness, but celebrating your couple’s one year anniversary is an amazing way to keep them saying “wow” long after the wedding festivities have come to an end. Making it through that first year is a great achievement, and as members of the industry we owe it to our society to celebrate the commitment to marriage JUST as much as we celebrate the day-of. And all it takes is a handwritten note in a hand-picked card.


What are the ways you go above and beyond to WOW your clients? We’d love to hear how you knock their socks off!

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Katherine Oyer
Katherine Oyer

Katherine Oyer serves as Director of Public Relations for Aisle Planner and is a wedding obsessed entrepreneur, operating her own luxury wedding planning company, Lucky & In Love. She is mom to two baby chinchillas, is a newlywed, and is slowly fulfilling her dream to travel the world. She is a believer in true love, shopping local, and fresh flowers for no reason. Follow Katherine along on Instagram @sparklefarkle

One thought on “4 Simple Ways to WOW Your Clients”

  1. Michelle says:

    Great insight, except the “friending on Facebook.” I have to disagree here. There is a reason we have business pages to connect, so we can keep OUR personal lives separate. Clients don’t need to know what I’m doing on my off time/vacation/happy hour (read: when I’m not actively working on their wedding). Especially when kids are involved privacy and boundaries in some aspects should be recognized. Even though you can change your status to “acquaintance” there is the PERCEPTION that you are now connected on a personal friendship level where those boundaries start to blur. I’m not “personal” friends with my clients when they are paying by me to do a job. We have a business relationship, and while quite a bit of that is very personal and emotional where weddings are concerned it is still a business relationship and a level of professionalism needs to still be in play. Friending on Facebook AFTER the wedding, ok, maybe. 🙂

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