4 Ways Technology Trends are Impacting the Wedding Industry

Aisle Planner Technology Trends in the Wedding Industry
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Technology is in a constant state of flux (hello, new Instagram algorithm!) and it can be exhausting to keep up to date with everything! It has impacted our lives in lots of ways and how we plan and celebrate weddings is no exception.

People’s needs have changed because of the direction that technology pushes us and the ways that we find and consume information, work, and interact with others has followed suit. And when you take a look at the larger trends in both technology and the wedding industry, you see that the two worlds have a lot in common.

Here are 4 ways technology trends are impacting the wedding industry both in the planning process and on the big day:


Mobile technology is a fact of life and now different companies are figuring out how adapt and create literal mobile businesses. From the silly costumes to the late night laughs, photobooths are more compact than ever and are making their appearance at more and more weddings. Companies like Mobile Photobooth are popping up everywhere and  will continue to document late night shenanigans for years to come!


Social media butterflies everywhere can now hire wedding pr teams to cover their weddings live! Services like Maid of Social will follow you around on your wedding day, take photos, and share them via all of your favorite social channels. How’s that for stepping up the selfie game?


Speaking of social butterflies, couples are branding their weddings with custom social media hashtags so that at the end of a very long (and very fun) weekend, they can easy go back, search, and experience the whirlwind through the eyes of their guests.


Couples will not only continue to use technology to communicate with their guests with customizable wedding websites (like from our friends at Riley & Grey) but as wedding planners continue to incorporate technology into their planning process, couples are too. Cloud-based wedding planning tools (like Aisle Planner) are helping planners and couples manage all of the details in the planning process, without needing to carry around the (now archaic) wedding binder.

What are your favorite ways that technology trends are impacting the wedding industry? We’d love to hear them!

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