5 Easy Ways to Inspire your Team

Aisle Planner Ways to Inspire Your Team
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This month, we’re all about June’s theme: Be an inspiration. But let’s be honest for a second, being inspiring can sound like an overwhelming task. As planners, we’re already accountants and design gurus and counselors…and now we’re supposed to be an inspiration on top of it all? Where in the world do you even start? Well, we’ve got a few ideas—five to be specific. Read on for five simple and straightforward ways to spark a little inspiration in those around you every day.

Show Up Early

Whether it’s an event or a day at the office, when you arrive early, you’re sending a simple message: this is important enough to me for me to give it a little extra time. Maybe you show up early to a staff meeting and set up a little coffee bar for your crew to thank them for that awesome wedding they pulled off the other night, or maybe you get to a venue early to ensure your vendors are setting the aisle correctly—wherever you choose to spend that added time, your extra effort and clear dedication will inspire those around you.

Ask Questions & Start Conversations

Asking questions shows you’re open to your team’s feedback on whatever the topic at hand may be—design ideas for that upcoming rehearsal dinner, thoughts on attracting new clients, etc. When you solicit feedback from others, you not only communicate that their opinion is relevant and important—you inspire them to open up and brainstorm with you. Conversation and communication can go a long way when it comes to inspiring creativity as a leader.

Go The Extra Mile

Whether it comes to the events you plan or your role as a business owner, taking the time to not just do things, but do them well is crucial. This may mean showing up early to a venue and using a spool of string to ensure the chairs are set perfectly straight, or it could mean taking time to design the perfect welcome package for new clients. It could even mean kicking off your heels and holding down that tarp that’s about to blow away in the wind. Show your team that, as a leader, you always go above and beyond for your clients and your community—and they’ll be inspired to do the same.

Roll Up Your Sleeves

As planners, we all know that sometimes we have to get down and dirty. Whether it’s busting out a drill and fixing that teetering platform at an event, or spending an hour cleaning out the shared kitchen space in your studio—when you roll up your sleeves and get to work, you inspire those around you to do the same.

Solve Problems

Red wine on a gown? You’ve got it covered. A windy day when the weather forecasted complete stillness? Good thing you always carry magnetic veil weights in your bag. As planners, we’re one thing above all else: problem solvers. When you’re armed with a killer emergency kit and the knowledge you’ve collected from planning tons of events, there shouldn’t be a wedding-related problem in the world you can’t solve. Show your team that you don’t wait for others to come up with solutions for you. With a combination of strategic, proactive measures and a mind that can remain calm when mishaps arise, you’ll inspire your team to tackle anything that comes their way with grace…and maybe a little bit of krazy glue.

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Gillian Griffith

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