5 Tips for Building Your Digital Community

Aisle Planner 5 Tips for Building Your Digital Community

Nobody builds a business alone. Creating professional relationships is a vital component of success, whether you’re new to the industry or have been in the event planning business for years. Who you know, more importantly, how they perceive you, can be a make-or-break factor building opportunities. In today’s digital age however, the vast amount of these relationships are established on the web. How can we utilize our digital network to foster collaboration and success?

Building up your credibility as a professional doesn’t mean tearing others down. Creating a digital community and fostering positive professional relationships is beneficial for both the industry at large as well as each individual business. Enlightened Digital, a digital magazine dedicated to the top tech and business news, delivers some solid tips you can use to build and grow your digital community.

Refresh Your Professional Profile

No, this doesn’t mean just adding a new headshot and personal bio to your LinkedIn profile (although both are good to update from time to time). Think about the professionals you’re connected with on your profiles. Do they have similar backgrounds and careers to you? It’s important to establish a well-rounded network. This can be achieved by connecting with people in and out of your industry. Someone with a totally different career path can offer a different perspective than those who mirror your own job history. Be sure to diversify your network, you never know where opportunity may arise.

Update Your Website’s Content

If your website doesn’t have a blog, now’s the time to create one. Posting helpful or entertaining blog material is a great way to build a community around your brand, even if they’re not currently interested in your services. Creating a blog showcase your expertise. It also helps engage your community in whatever you might be working on. Opening your blog to comments is a great way to garner feedback or connect with others in your industry on current trends, personal successes or unique ideas. If executed properly, your blog might generate social shares and open your brand to new audiences.

Ask Clients to Leave Reviews

What are your clients telling their friends and colleagues about your business? Your prospective customers learn about you from their peers. Oftentimes, they value the opinion of their peers more than direct communication from your brand. Reach out to a few clients that you know had a great experience and ask them to write a positive review on third-party websites. Creating a culture of positive sentiment around your brand gets others excited about your community. It’s a snowball effect: one positive review will lead to many, which spreads awareness about your brand and its subsequent community. Being transparent and open to feedback allows your business to improve and flourish. You will have direct responses from people who care about your brand. Showing you care about your clients will help them develop the trust and loyalty that’s the foundation of a successful community.

Did you know? Perhaps more important than the social proof of featured work is the impact strong (but honest) reviews can have. Potential clients want to know what it’s like to work with you from other couples who already have. So with a Listing in our Marketplace you can send out requests for reviews to your former clients and professional partners. Once people complete the review, it’ll be included in your listing and you’ll have the ability to respond to it!

Foster Vendor Relationships

Your digital community isn’t a one-way street. Be sure that you’re returning the favor to your connections! After working with your peer partners, leave a first-person statement that validates their work too. Whether on their website, a third-party review site, or a comment on social media, let your partners know you appreciate their work. Consider listing them on your site as a verified partner and asking them to do the same. It shows that you’re willing to vouch for other professionals in your network and they’re willing to give you their own stamp of approval. Giving a shoutout to vendors or organizations you work with is a great way to foster connections within your network. And, they’re likely to return the favor.

Engage With Your Social Followers

In the same way you utilize your personal social media to connect with people you don’t see daily, your business profiles can connect you to professionals in other segments that might not have been possible offline. Social media is the perfect platform to collaborate with others and cultivate relationships that further engage your current audience. Try connecting with local influencers who can speak on behalf of your brand. Many influencers have a dedicated community of their own, so they provide a successful way to expand your community. Social media also enables you to build bridges with professionals in complementary segments. You can create posts on your platform that showcase how a particular organization influences your work. Or, try reposting something from their profile that simply wowed you.

No matter how you decide to build your digital community, building positive professional relationships are the not-so-secret key to success. With all the opportunities presented by today’s digital society, the ways to build connections are endless. Just don’t forget to pay them forward.

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