8 Instagram Accounts to Follow: Wedding Dress Designers

When it comes to weddings, let’s be real, the wedding dress is the star of the show. From the Cinderella-princess dress to the sleek and modern, brides everywhere pour their hearts into choosing “the one.” So the team here at Aisle Planner made a legitimate reason to take a break from the seriousness of work to get lost in the beautiful world of wedding dresses.

Here are our 8 favorite wedding dress Instagram accounts. Feel free to drop what you’re doing and take a break too.

Tina’s Picks


Rime Arodacky

“One look at the tagline ‘French Wedding Designer for wild brides’ and of course, all the gorgeousness that is Paris-based Rime Arodaky’s bridal collection and I was hooked!”


aisleplanner-annacampbellAnna Campbell

“Beauty is in the details of Anna’s Vintage Inspired handmade gowns. I can’t help but be inspired by this Australian bridal designer.”

Tayler’s Picks


Elle Bridal Boutique

“A local San Diego bridal shop, they are changing the way bride’s shop for dresses. An intimate boutique, Krystel ‘only’ curates a collection of 50 dresses but they are the only 50 dresses you need to consider!”



Vivienne Westwood

“One of the most unique designers out there, Vivienne is going to inject some rock ‘n roll into your crisply white feed. ”

Meghan’s Picks


Maggie Sottero Designs

“One of the most recognized bridal gown designers in the world, Maggie Sottero’s Instagram feed is pure eye candy”



Ramon Herrerias

“Dreamy silhouettes and unique designs epitomize Spanish dress designer Ramon Herrerias’ stunning couture bridal collection.”

Charis’ Picks


Caroline Herrera

“Carolina Herrera’s gowns are a brilliant combination of timeless elegance and of-the-moment edge. These are the dresses your daughters (and granddaughters) will be fighting over.”


aisleplanner-lihihodLihi Hod

“Lihi Hod’s dresses are designed with fantastic detail and look absolutely effortless—perfect dresses for spring and summer weddings!”

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