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Our Guest Manager is one of our favorite tools to collaborate with clients on! Why? Because it’s one of the tasks that they can own and you can just supervise from afar. From uploading guest lists, managing RSVPs, creating seating charts to tracking meal options the Guest Manager is a powerful tool. And today, we wanted to share 8 tips to make sure you get the most out of it!

Tip 1 – The Guest List Template

The spreadsheet format for uploading is very particular (i.e. you must include every column, exactly as listed, whether there is anything in it or not. If there is an extra column or a missing column, it won’t work.

Tip 2 – Duplicates

The system does not recognize or filter out duplicates, so it’s best to just upload your master list once and manually add any additional RSVPs after.

Tip 3 – RSVP Numbers

The RSVP number is automatically assigned when a party is created and was intended to be used just as the RSVP number (written on the back of the RSVP cards to track responses for those who don’t write their names on the front) – not the total parties invited. When a new list is uploaded, the RSVP number will start with 100 and future uploads advance by 100.  If you don’t like seeing the RSVP number, you can hide that column.

Tip 4 – Adding Guests to Other Events

It’s easy to add guests to other events that you may be tracking RSVPs for once they are uploaded into the Guest Manager! (Events such as the rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch.) Just click into the event (you’ll see a drop down menu towards the top of your guest manager), select the “Add Guest” button to the top left and simply click to add each guest.

Tip 5 – Seating Charts

Once you get all the guests into the Guest Manager, you can click to the Seating tool and drag/drop names (of people who have RSVP’d “yes”) to seat them. Anyone who has been seated will then show with a check mark next to their name and those with a question mark haven’t RSVP’d yet. If you’d prefer, you can also manually type in names and click the correct name that the system auto-suggests.

Tip 6 – Head Counts at a Glance

We provide a count of the parties confirmed, declined, awaiting response, and waitlisted in the “Event Info & Option” section of each guest list. You can add meal choices and see invitation ordering guidance here too.

Tip 7 – Working with Couples

We suggest downloading the templates in advance and sharing them with your client as soon as you start working with them so they can start building their guest list in the right format. Or, you can encourage them to build their guest list right in Aisle Planner’s online guest manager!

Tip 8 – Tracking Accommodations or Transportation

You can actually track this information in the Seating tool! Click on Reception in the top center of the Seating tool, add a new seating list and have it pull from the Reception guest list. Change the name to “Accommodations” or “Transportation” and name one table for each accommodation/shuttle option. Then you can drag/drop everyone from the entire reception list into their accommodations/shuttles, and when you print it out, the table column will be populated with everyone’s accommodations or shuttles.

Have more questions about our Guest Manager? You can access our FAQs anytime here or email us at

About the Author

Meghan Laurs
Meghan Laurs

Meghan Laurs is the team’s Director of Customer Engagement, connecting with clients to make sure that all Aisle Planners are happy planners. When she’s not solving the world’s problems or working on teaching webinars, she’s spending time with her son and daughter, practicing yoga and trying (very hard) to meditate.

4 thoughts on “8 Tips About Our Guest Manager Tool”

  1. Breanna LaTondre says:

    Is it possible to add columns, like save the date sent or dietary restrictions?

    1. Dani Lampitt Dani Lampitt says:

      Hi Breanna! No, you are unable to create new columns. Here are a two help articles which might help: Uploading Your Guest List into Aisle Planner and Adding Guests Into the Guest Manager & Managing Guest List Details.

  2. Jim Sissine says:


    Is there a way to download the guest list to a Word file? We have a calligrapher that insist the list be in a Word doc so she can see how the lines center up. Can you help me please?

    Thank you,

    1. Tayler Cusick Hollman Tayler Cusick Hollman says:

      Hi Jim! Your options for downloading the guest list are PDF or Excel formats. Please get in touch with us at if you need additional help or want to bounce ideas around!

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