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To our dear Aisle Planner Affiliate Partners and Ambassadors
Thank you for your time, your dedication, and your excitement to spread the word about AP. We are incredibly grateful for your support – each and every one of you are helping to grow this business from the ground up. We are truly THRILLED each time we write a reward check to our team of cheerleaders. We built this portal to be a resource for you to pull information and gain ideas on new and different ways to share with your community. If we can help to brainstorm, if you need an education refresh, anything at all, our team is here to help.

Where To Post Your Affiliate Link

To make the most out of your affiliate link, it’s a great idea to post it in multiple places. Consider sharing your link in:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts (that point or link to your affiliate link)
  • On a resource page on your website
  • In email newsletters
  • Word of mouth works too!

Tip: Remember to always disclose your affiliate status – it’s the law! Here is an example to get you started:

In the spirit of full disclosure, certain links in this post are affiliate links, which means that we may get commissions if you decide to purchase anything from any of these companies. Rest assured, we only recommend products that we love ourselves and that we think you’ll love, too.

Content Ideas

Need ideas on what kind of content you can create and share your affiliate link in? Repurpose content from our blog, create round ups of your favorite tools and resources and include Aisle Planner, talk about AP in your Instagram stories so people know how much you love us or share news about our newest features and updates! Need some examples of blog posts you could write? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • How Using Aisle Planner Helped Me Organize My Business
  • Online Tools That Help Elevate your Business
  • My Favorite Wedding Planning and Business Tools
  • What I Wish I Had When I First Started in the Wedding Industry
Instagram stories from @lvlweddings and @sparklefarkle
Blog post from Planners Lounge

What’s New at Aisle Planner

We’ll keep in touch with you to let you know about all of the newest Aisle Planner news. Here are the newest features that you should know about.


Business Listings & The Aisle Planner Vendor Marketplace

Advertising your business and connecting with couples just got easier (and a whole lot prettier) today because we are very excited to announce that our new Wedding Vendor Marketplace is open for business and is more than just a bunch of searchable listings!  And, to make sure we are supporting you with a listing that will help you fill up your lead manager, each:

  • is linked to any inspiration you have featured on Aisle Planner
  • shows off your portfolio
  • is connected to Aisle Planner’s lead management tools
  • comes with analytics to help you track your ROI
  • includes reviews from past clients or professional partners

Learn more about our new business listings here.

Lead Inquiry Auto-Responders

Making a strong first impression is important. And, our new auto-responder feature gives you the ability to kick off your client experience just moments after someone reaches out!  With a customizable message, name tokens, and the ability to attach your brochure, your leads will get to know (and love) you right away!

Product and Service Catalog

Build a catalog of all of your products and services to drop into quotes and invoices!

Quotes and Quote Templates

Create custom quotes with your products and services that allow your potential clients to play around with options and numbers without the back and forth! Plus, you can create templates that allow you to get couples the information they need to book you – and fast!

Document Editor

Now, every Document you send from Aisle Planner is a powerful brand piece! Our new Document Editor lets you insert images, links, adjust the fonts, and more in all of your proposals, contracts, brochures, and notes!

Learn more about our new Document Editor here.

Lead Capture Forms

The days of manually entering lead information are gone –  our Lead Capture Forms are easy to set up and put your booking process on the road to automation. Booking season 2017…we’re ready for ya!

Learn more about our Lead Capture Forms here.

Online Payment Processing

Lead Management, Proposals, Contracts, Invoicing, and now – Online Payment Processing! We are so excited to announce our newest feature, hot off the tail of our new Invoicing feature, because now Aisle Planner is all of the planning tools you want plus all of the business tools you need!

With our new Online Payment Processing,  your clients will love the convenience of being able to pay online, you’ll love getting paid faster, and everyone can get back to the task at hand – planning that fabulous wedding!

Learn more about Online Payment Processing here.

Proposals and Contracts with e-Signatures

You’ve met with your adorable potential new clients (PNCs) over coffee, diligently scribbled notes all over your branded notebook, you ran back to the office to create a new Lead Record in your Aisle Planner account, furiously typed up all of the notes you took in the meeting…and then went back to your old school ways of creating a doc on your desktop to then send your PNC a proposal and contract via email? Well, no longer! GOODBYE STONE AGES! We are thrilled to announce the release of proposals, contracts and e-signatures, all managed directly in your Aisle Planner account.

Learn more about Proposals and Contracts here.


 Now you can create, send, and manage invoices directly in Aisle Planner! No more excel sheet invoices or sending them through another system. Plus, we are already ramping up for our next new feature launch by releasing online payments in beta!

Learn more about Invoicing here.


Want to collaborate on content? We’re happy to work with you to customize an article that will speak to your specific audience! Reach out to to get something on the calendar!

We know you’re a creative group, and we can’t wait to see what imagery you put together to share the Aisle Planner love. Feel free to use any of the below assets in your newsletters, your social posts, or on your website. Don’t forget to include your custom referral link to make sure you get credit!

Feel free to download and use any of these images and graphics:

Feeling social? Don’t forget to tag @aisleplanner in your posts so we can like and share the love too!


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