Aisle Planner Launches Global Vendor Directory to Connect Couples to Wedding Professionals


Trevor Wessman-Lavelle

SAN DIEGO (March 19, 2018) – Aisle Planner, the leading cloud-based event planning and business management platform for wedding professionals, today launches its global wedding vendor directory for engaged couples to connect with their ideal vendor team. The Marketplace is populated with Aisle Planner’s premier professional user base, spread throughout more than 50 countries around the world.

Aisle Planner was created with the mission to serve the incredible professionals within the wedding industry, starting with the company’s core product – a cloud-based business management and event planning SaaS program, which began as a streamlined suite of tools that make designing, collaborating and managing every last event detail easy for wedding planners, and their client partners. Since that time, Aisle Planner’s full suite of planning tools have grown to include tools which encompass all wedding vendors – with the launch of its suite of business management, booking and payment processing tools.

The wed-tech company recently launched The Aisle Guide & Inspiration sites to begin to include brides & grooms in the Aisle Planner community. The content and editorial articles published aim showcase a wide variety of industry professionals, highlighting the importance of of working with a skilled vendor team to create and execute a wedding.

Now, The Marketplace, a destination for couples to find their ideal vendor team – from wedding planners to venues, photographers to florists, and everyone in between. What makes Aisle Planner’s directory of listings stand out from the rest? The listings are beautiful, functional, tie directly into professional’s editorial features on The Aisle Guide & Inspiration.

Aisle Planner’s goal to create a “one stop shop” for wedding professionals to market their business, capture leads, book clients, plan events and manage their business is nearly complete, as the leads generated from a Marketplace listing will feed directly into the professional’s lead manager within the platform. Once the lead is captured, Aisle Planner users can begin their usual booking process – sending proposals and brochures, set up a contract for electronic signature, send an invoice and collect payments, all integrated in their Aisle Planner account.

Aisle Planner was created by a team of wedding planners – one of the first companies to kick off the “WedTech” movement. Its goal? To modernize a system within an industry that had long been forgotten by today’s technological advances.

“To see the full vision of Aisle Planner realized through the launch of The Marketplace, the final missing piece, has been incredibly profound,” said Christina Farrow, president and co-founder of Aisle Planner. “For the past four years we have been carefully integrating new tools, refining the way the platform interacts between our core features – planning, business management, and now, lead generation. We have stayed steadfast to our original mission which has always had one goal in mind, to ensure the professional wedding community has access to the support they need to manage their business – creating time in their lives to focus on the important things that matter most.”



Founded in 2013 in sunny San Diego, Aisle Planner started with the idea that there was a better way to plan weddings – that wedding professionals could have all of the wedding planning and business management tools they need, in one reliable place. To date, the platform has helped manage more than $2.2 billion in nearly 60,000 weddings, with users in 54 countries, increasing daily.

As Aisle Planner continues to grow, its expansion solidifies its position as an integral part of every wedding, everywhere, everyday. From complete business management tools, an inspiration resource and publishing platform, to an extensive ecosystem to connect wedding professionals to consumers, Aisle Planner promotes and cultivates the businesses that continue to fuel the wedding industry.

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