Aisle Planner Releases Publishing Platform and Inspiration Site, Hires CTO


Trevor Wessman-Lavelle

SAN DIEGO (September 29, 2016) – Online wedding planning platform Aisle Planner today announces the expansion of its core products to include a Publishing Platform and Inspiration Gallery. The company’s growth is strengthened by the addition of former Amazon Web Services executive, Brett Hollman, who joins the company as its new Chief Technology Officer.

The Publishing Platform allows wedding professionals to showcase their best work in an integrated image gallery to connect with potential new clients, collaborate, and inspire in a visually unique way. The ease of the self-publishing feature allows for its users to format and submit their work immediately and on their own, with no content review road blocks in place prior to public publishing.

Aisle Planner launched in 2013 with a focus on planning and collaboration tools to help lessen the organizational burden wedding planners face. In the last year, it has grown to encompass so much more. For wedding professionals, a full suite of tools to not only plan their clients’ weddings, but run the back end of their business. For couples, a full suite of planning tools to help them along the arduous journey of planning a wedding. Finally, a place where the two join together in joyous harmony – the Publishing Platform and Inspiration Gallery.

At the helm of the expansion you’ll find Christina Farrow, Co-Founder and President, a former luxury wedding planner from Hawaii with an expansive list of past clients, and saved knowledge to rival Emily Post. “The release of our Publishing Platform and front facing inspiration galleries is the first step in helping to elevate the professional community of planners to a wider net of couples and potential clients. We aim to showcase the amazing work that they’ve already done, shining a light on the incredible advantage couples gain when they hire a professional team. This is only the first of many releases that will allow for easier connections and collaboration between the two groups,“ said Farrow. “The majority of the world plans weddings without a planner, and we’ve been given a chance to change that fact and shape the dialogue around how weddings should be planned – with professionals. Every day we take a step in the right direction of strengthening professional’s stance and necessity in the industry, and it’s something our team is incredibly proud of.”

The announcement of Chief Technology Officer, Brett Hollman, who will lead Aisle Planner’s technology team, further fuels the company’s continued rapid growth and expansion. Hollman most recently held an executive role at Amazon Web Services (AWS). At AWS, Hollman and his team helped customers design and build highly scalable and fault tolerant applications in the cloud. He now brings these engineering and operations skills to Aisle Planner.

“We’ve seen incredible growth – more than 900% in the past year and a half. With the solid foundation we’ve built to date, and now with Brett leading development, we’re able to further accelerate our growth and better support the small businesses we serve,” said Farrow.

To date, the program has helped manage more than $922 million in nearly 22,000 weddings, with users in 54 countries, increasing daily. With the introduction of the Publishing Platform and Inspiration site, Aisle Planner continues to build on its foundation, aiming to serve all aspects of the wedding ecosystem, to better connect the $330 billion global wedding industry and the wedding professionals who drive the business.

For professionals, Aisle Planner monthly subscriptions begin at $19.99 for up to five weddings and full access to the Publishing Platform. To access the Inspiration Gallery, a free site, visit


Founded in 2013 in sunny San Diego, Aisle Planner was created by professional wedding planners with the intent to modernize a system within an industry that has long been forgotten by today’s technological advances. Its core product, a cloud-based wedding and event planning SaaS product, provides a stylish and streamlined suite of tools that makes designing, collaborating and managing every last event detail easy for wedding and event professionals and couples. To date, the program has helped manage more than $922 million in nearly 22,000 weddings, with users in 54 countries, increasing daily.

As Aisle Planner continues to grow, its expansion solidifies its position as an integral part of every wedding, everywhere, everyday. From complete business management tools, an inspiration resource and publishing platform, to an extensive ecosystem to connect wedding professionals to consumers, Aisle Planner promotes and cultivates the businesses that continue to fuel the wedding industry.

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