Member Spotlight: Becky Hart of Event Crush

As you all know, planning a spectacular wedding or event takes time, money, patience, and vision. Becky Hart, founder of Event Crush, is here to help clients navigate the ins and outs of planning, connect them with amazing wedding and event professionals, and manage all of the little details so that they can soak up… Read More »

Creative Marketing on a Budget

Whether you’re a newer wedding pro just getting your business off the ground or are pushing through the hundreds of day-to-day tasks to keep your business moving forward, one thing’s for sure. Money and marketing are two things that are always front of mind! The good news is that your relationship with Aisle Planner can… Read More »

Booking With Beautiful Brochures

First impressions are everything. That means that your social media presence and the reviews you get from previous clients are what’ll pull new clients in. You have to have quality services to entice people to contact you for further details. But, once people are interested enough to contact you, what do you do to secure… Read More »

Wedding Trend Report 2020 Brought to You by The Wedding Academy

As events pros, it seems like we’re always talking about trends. And that’s for a good reason! We’re keeping our eyes open for the latest in linens and lighting. Or, we’re anxiously awaiting the announcement of the new Pantone color of the year. The same goes for the newest trends for running good businesses. We… Read More »

How to Prep Your Venue for a Profitable Booking Season

Financially speaking, the booking season is one of the most critical times of the year for wedding venues. It’s imperative to take the time to audit your venue business from the previous year, put new systems into place that save you time and money, and implement a wedding venue marketing strategy that will lead to… Read More »

How Well Do You Manage You?

As the new year gets rolling, focusing on the basics is essential for wedding pros to grow their business. One very basic skill for all of us, especially entrepreneurs, is refocusing our work-life balance. As pros, we’re great at managing our clients, but from the never ending emails and meetings to a jam-packed wedding weekend,… Read More »

Connecting With Generation Z in a Language They Understand

Young people scroll through their favorite apps like they’re going through the morning newspaper. Generation Z has grown up with technology and the internet readily available at all times. So, in a way, social apps are the present-day newspaper. It’s how the youth access information about current events, decide where they’re going to go, what… Read More »

Member Spotlight: Sarah Viera of Sarah Viera Events

Founded in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2010, Sarah Viera Event Planning & Design has designed and coordinated over 500 events including weddings, intimate dinner parties, and sensational elopements. President, CEO, and designer, Sarah Viera, inspires her design by taking the clients vision, finding a unique element for inspiration, and creating an original, one-of-a-kind event for each client. Her… Read More »

Designing Dream Ceremony Layouts With Aisle Planner

Year after year, planners and designers create new and inventive ways to lay out a ceremony. From a spiralized seating arrangement to luxurious sofas, there’s no one way design the space! Most limitations will occur in a house of worship or venue with permanent seating. But, when held in a backyard, garden, or barn, the… Read More »

Understanding the Return of Your Marketing Efforts

Chances are, that as a busy wedding and event professional, you’re so busy planning and managing the day of the event that you rarely look at how well your marketing efforts are working. Until, of course, it’s too late and the emails stop coming in! Here are some simple tips to help you see how… Read More »

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