Feature Spotlight: Keeping Your Contacts in Check

If you plan ahead, you won’t have to get ready, you’ll already be ready. The best way to be ready is to ensure that you have all of your contacts situated before all of your big events! Contact information includes social media. These are essentially synonymous in this day in age. Aisle Planner has tools… Read More »

Feature Spotlight: Email Templates

As a wedding professional, the narrative is yours. You are the gate keeper. You are the inventor of the process and tone of communication between yourself and your clients. Communication. That’s our bread and butter. Poor communication can make or break the whole planning experience and planning requires us to use multiple documents and forms… Read More »

Feature Spotlight: The Benefits of Aisle Planner Questionnaires

Here at Aisle Planner, we are always trying to innovate and make your experience as a pro the best it can be, so you can make your couples’ wedding experience the best it can be! With the fairly new questionnaire feature, you can create questions and store all responses in one place, efficiently and effectively… Read More »

Personalizing Your Planning: AP Design Studio

We’d be willing to bet that some days you wake up and think that Pinterest is killing the wedding industry. Then, on other days, you love that you can find that one piece you’ve been searching for high and low to perfectly personalize your client’s special event. Simplify this process and give your couples and… Read More »

The Process of Refinement: Quotes & Invoices Updates, Documents & Templates Improvements

  From science to style, refinement is a practice used by those who work tirelessly to deliver the most exact, precise and polished outcome. It’s part of our mission at Aisle Planner in our drive to deliver the most powerful, sophisticated and stylish marketing, sales and planning and project management platform for the weddings and… Read More »

New Features & Enhancements: Layouts, Lead Forms, Document Templates & Email Templates

There’s always room for improvement. This saying has haunted professionals in every industry since the beginning of time. The Aisle Planner team doesn’t read this as an admission of falling short. We see it as a statement of limitless possibility. It’s our challenge to rise to in service to our community of pros. We continually… Read More »

The Power of One Just Got a Whole Lot More Powerful!

When Aisle Planner was just a flurry of ideas on Post-It notes and late-night chats n’ rants, we recognized a gap in the understanding of the relationship between the business of event planning  and project management, and the planning itself. The business of meeting and booking new clients would end and the planning would begin…. Read More »

Change Your Booking Game with Lead Checklist Templates

We’re in the business of details. If we’re being honest with ourselves, we often feel like we’re swimming in a sea of them. We memorize the names of our clients’ VIP guests and their special needs. We rattle off chair styles and linen colors at the drop of a hat. Average time from plating to… Read More »

The Ultimate Planner’s Layout and Seating Challenge

Every event pro knows one of if not THE greatest challenges in this industry is working with what you’re given to pull off the client’s perfectly-envisioned event, especially when it comes to the venue and your layout and seating. From budget, to location, to color palette or design inspiration, it’s your job to make the… Read More »

New Feature: Layouts & Seating

Finally.  It’s here. Simple and beautiful layout design and seating tools, designed specifically for our community of wedding and event pros to better support your planning process in Aisle Planner. It’s no big surprise that an easy-to-use layout tool has remained at the top of our new feature request list for quite some time now…. Read More »

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