Building a Wedding Budget

We talked about the things you can do to prep a budget before your clients have booked with you and today, I wanted to talk about the first steps to successfully building (and managing) a wedding budget in Aisle Planner. Once a budget has been established, I set to work creating a budget breakdown (based… Read More »

Introducing Notes Templates

Shaving time off of tasks or finishing up your workday early is one of those little wins that feels like finding money in your pocket! And, since everyone can get excited about the little things in life that add up to more time with friends, family, or making it to that yoga class on time, the… Read More »

Staying Organized with Style Guides

Staying organized with multiple clients is some what of a feat, but that is not to say it is impossible. And, while most conversations about staying organized tend to focus on things like time management and file keeping, as wedding planners and professionals, you’re responsible for organizing images, color swatches, and random notes galore! And… Read More »

Publishing Platform Best Practices and Benefits

Fall is off to a busy start here in the Aisle Planner office with the launch of our Publishing Platform two weeks ago!  The team has been working to continue to bring you the best wedding planning tools out there and, in turn, the most powerful platform for you to run your business on. So, in addition to supporting you… Read More »

Aisle Planner FAQs: Collaboration Tools

No wedding ever got planned without some serious collaboration! From collaborating with clients, to vendors, planning partners and team members, there are countless conversations that take place during the wedding planning process. So today, we are answering some FAQs about our collaboration tools so that you can collaborate like a rockstar! What is the best… Read More »

Introducing Aisle Planner’s Publishing Platform

We know how important it is to get your work published because we’ve walked in your shoes. As a team of current and former wedding professionals, we fully understand the need to showcase your work in order to market your business and connect with potential clients. So today, we are excited to introduce you to… Read More »

Using Comments to Collaborate

This month we’re all about collaboration, and I absolutely love using the comments feature in Aisle Planner to collaborate with my clients and team members. For me, it’s my absolute favorite feature for keeping clients in the loop, organized and on track. Today, then, I wanted to share with you how to effectively use comments… Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About Aisle Planner

We always want to make sure that our growing community has easy access to everything they need to be Aisle Planner power users! So today we are answering the top 5 FAQs about Aisle Planner’s wedding planning tools. 1.  How do I communicate with clients in Aisle Planner? Aisle Planner’s communication tools are founded in… Read More »

Using the Checklist to Drive Your Workflow

July is all about productivity, and we couldn’t focus on productivity without spending some time on my favorite Aisle Planner feature (and one that is centered solely on productivity): the checklist. The Aisle Planner checklist was designed to make the planning process smoother and, in turn, your work days shorter. Trust me, if you’re not… Read More »

How to Customize Your Aisle Planner Templates

We recently talked about how to set up your Aisle Planner account in 6 easy steps and today, we wanted to talk about the next step to fully utilizing our full suite of wedding planning tools. Once you have finished your initial set up, the first thing that we recommend customizing in your Aisle Planner account… Read More »

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