Introduction to Notes

As expert wedding planners, taking notes and keeping track of every little detail is a big part of our everyday workflow. Meeting notes, cake tasting notes, ceremony details and packing lists are just some of the things we document throughout the planning process. Being able to locate, reference, and share these gems of information ultimately… Read More »

New Feature: Simple Seating

We can’t explain why that second cousin can’t be seated next to that roommate from college, but we can make it easier for you (and your clients) to assign (and reassign) a place for everyone at the wedding. Simple Seating enables your clients to navigate table lists quickly and make changes instantly so you can… Read More »

Six New Features You’ll Want To Start Using Yesterday

It’s here! Our latest feature release has arrived with a handful of new features that we know you’re gonna love. These new features mainly focus on planner privacy, but we’ve snuck a few other fun (and über userful) upgrades in there as well. So read on, we can’t wait to hear what you think! Customize Your… Read More »

Strategic Sharing: Five Creative Ways to Make the Most of Aisle Planner’s Style Guides

As a wedding planner, I’ve learned one key thing when it comes to image-sharing platforms: there’s a huge difference between sharing images and sharing images strategically. While developing inspiration for a wedding’s aesthetic is crucial, as planners, we need a platform that allows for so much more than that. From nailing down venues to talking… Read More »

Make Your Brand Shine

You’ve worked hard to build your business, so we know how important it is for all of your documents to be consistent with your brand. Our updated Branding Center, which you’ll find in your Planner Dashboard, enables you to do just that: build brand consistency by creating your very own custom company emails, custom company log… Read More »

Introducing Reminders, Notifications, and More

With a great foundation of professional planning tools in place, we’ve turned our attention towards making our tools work better for you. We’ve heard from so many of you that while the tools themselves are great, there was just SOMETHING missing to help you clearly and easily pinpoint next steps for keeping plans moving forward… Read More »

Introducing All-New Vendor Management Features

As wedding planners, vendors are big part of our world. So quite naturally, we’re excited to announce all-new vendor managements features from Aisle Planner. Organizing and managing your all important (and ever changing) vendor list has never been easier. Keep track of every important piece of vendor information, including general information, points of contact, social… Read More »

Introducing Aisle Planner Tutorials

Change is never easy, especially when it comes to a big thing like transitioning your business to an entirely new system for planning. Minimize the learning curve and kick start your planning with Aisle Planner’s new Video Tutorials. We’ll help you navigate each feature as we provide helpful tips on ways to make the most… Read More »

Introducing Aisle Planner’s Design Studio

We set out to create a beautiful, inspiring platform that supports a design workflow that’s highly organized and highly efficient. Defining your vision for a wedding and then doing MORE with that vision has never been easier. With Aisle Planner’s Design Studio you can create Style Guides that inspire any aspect of the wedding you’re… Read More »

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