Featured Planner: Rheefined Company

We are excited about this month’s Featured Planner for a couple reasons. First off, we totally love how much their personality comes through in this interview. Second, they have the hots for Ryan Gosling (because…who doesn’t really?). And lastly, they are our first male Featured Planner! So today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Jason… Read More »

Featured Planner: mStarr Design

As a wedding planner, being creative is part of your job. But, for Emily of mStarr Design, being creative IS her job! Based in New England, Emily and her team are beautifying weddings, events, and homes galore with a unique take on traditional east coast style. Keep reading to learn more about how she became a… Read More »

Featured Planner: Posh and Prim

Lorna Marshall is a Principle Planner, Business Manager, and Event Designer at Posh and Prim in Detroit, Michigan. A woman with an open-door policy, her job as a professional planner doesn’t stop when she leaves the office; she loves nothing more (ok, maybe her husband and kids) than entertaining family and friends in her home…. Read More »

Featured Planner: The Design Co.

As planners, we know that the job requires us to wear a lot of hats. So, when Stacey Price got into the business of weddings, she built a team – one person for every hat! And today, we’re excited to introduce you to Stacey, the woman behind Ottawa based team of dreamers, wedding planners, builders,… Read More »

Featured Planner: Moxie Bright Events

If there was ever a person who is not afraid of color, pattern, and general merriment, it’s Renee Dalo. A native New Yorker living in Los Angeles, she is probably teaching us west coasters how to properly order food from a street vendor and hail a cab. So today, we are excited to share our… Read More »

Featured Planner: Hannah Smith Events

We got to meet this month’s Featured Planner earlier this year at the BHLDN Carlsbad opening. Katherine and I had recently been stalking members of our community online (per usual) and had come across Hannah’s work. So, when we were at the event and saw her from across the room, we had to introduce ourselves…. Read More »

Featured Planner: All You Need Is Love Events

Weddings are always a family affair and (sometimes) the business of weddings is too! And though Shannon and Vikki may not be actual sisters, it is clear that their love for each other and what they do runs deep. So keep reading to learn about this s’mores loving, Beatles obsessed wedding planning duo – trio… Read More »

Featured Planner: LB Event Design

I think we all wish that we could live here, live there, and visit everywhere in between. You know, to experience different lifestyles, take it all in, and infuse those experiences into your everyday. And, Hallie Slade of LB Events Design, has done just that! There are few places this lady hasn’t lived and it… Read More »

Featured Planner: Sage Wedding Pros

If you know Kelly Simants of Sage Wedding Pros, you know that this is one strong woman! She balances two successful businesses, two young sons, and everything else life decides to throw at her with grace. So when we had the opportunity to collaborate with her and be a sponsor of her upcoming Be Sage… Read More »

Featured Planner: Chancey Charm Weddings

The team here at Aisle Planner is pretty over the moon with Chancey Charm! We know first hand what the challenges of scaling up feel like and when Chancey Charm’s leader-in-chief, Sarah, reached out to us about bringing all of her cross-country team on board, we were excited to help them on their exciting journey!… Read More »

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