Instilling Confidence in the Next Generation of Creative Professionals

Generosity and service are two crucial cornerstones for any successful business. We feel especially drawn to them, particularly as we help guide the next generation of creative professionals. We’ve both spent years honing our skills in catering and venue management. In those roles, some of our best learning opportunities were spent under the watchful eye… Read More »

Finding Your Niche & Being Confident in Your Calling

Niche (noun) – a comfortable or suitable position in life or employment. In the ever changing and diverse wedding and events industry, it’s far too easy to neglect the important step of finding your niche. You know, that thing we love doing and know we do well, that ‘comfortable or suitable position’. Our market is ‘weddings’,… Read More »

Confidence in Pitching an Idea

Pitching an idea to a client, big or small, is an exciting step in the planning and design process. It allows us to not only enhance their experiences but help us to challenge ourselves and raise the business bar. Understanding your clients’ priorities will help you determine what ideas they’ll gravitate toward. In turn, this… Read More »

Building Confidence and Growing Your Creative Business

As creative entrepreneurs, we learn to rely on ourselves. Whether that means long hours, staying inspired, or re-filling the coffee pot, it’s ultimately up to us to make sure that the business stays running. I’ve also come to learn that growth is one of our responsibilities, but building confidence, staying motivated and keeping a positive… Read More »

Webinar: How to Build a Wedding Business That Gives You Real Life Profits and Work-Life Balance

Throughout the month, we partnered with Heidi Thompson at Evolve Your Wedding Business to discuss the topic of intention. When it comes to your moving your business mindset from just “pro” to “CEO”, you’ve got to be intentional with your time, talent and (limited) treasure. We recorded this webinar with her specifically with those in… Read More »

Getting Real (Intentional) About Better Business Relationships

Too many people think that professional networking is nothing more than an excuse for lunch out of the office, a happy hour with friends or a trip out of town to an industry event on the company dime. There, we said it. One of many elephants in the room, boardroom or dining room if that’s… Read More »

Small Business Statistics for Intention-Driven Professionals

Risk is an everyday part of life… And, where there’s risk, there’s almost always reward and business owners know this well. Although some will eventually shut down, startups actually do outnumber the closures. The small business statistics below will help you better understand what goes into starting a business. It’s the American dream—to start your… Read More »

Taking A Business Stand: LGBTQ Inclusivity with Intention

Early in my career as a wedding planner, I worked with couples to assist them with commitment ceremonies and civil union. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would see same sex weddings being legalized across all fifty states! Mark, Mark, I’m Mark! As a middle aged, openly gay man, whose branding… Read More »

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