The Art of Balance: Growing & Staying Close Family Business Partners

You’re living the dream: getting to do what you love, with the person/people you love, all while creating a successful career! It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs in the events industry to be in business with their spouse, siblings, or other relatives. Running a business with family is such a unique and wonderful experience that reaps a… Read More »

The New “Face” of Family Business with Holly Gray

Any time I hear  the phrase “Family Business” uttered aloud, the theme song to ‘The Godfather’ soundtrack slowly starts to flood my ears; the violins getting louder and louder with piercing crescendo. Visions of professionally handsome, mustachioed men come to light. These immaculately tailored three-piece suit shadows clutter the room with the air of masculinity… Read More »

Having It All: Finding Success in Every Aspect of Life

Many entrepreneurs face the common challenge of juggling a full-time job, running a start-up business and raising a family. All . At. Once. I’ve lived it and know how it can truly test your limits, physical and emotional. When Aisle Planner reached out and shared this month’s topic of Family  I jumped at the chance to participate. So… Read More »

TMI: Finding the Right Blend of Personal in your Professional Voice

Sharing a peek into your personal life is huge when it comes to communicating your brand through blogging and social media. It can, however, also be a double-edged sword. This is even more true when you’re in business with your spouse, significant other or family member. When working with blogging clients, I always make sure they… Read More »

Work Space Separation: Defining Space in the Home Office You Share

If your significant other hogs the blankets in bed, to some extent you know what you might be up against when you work together and share home office space. Sharing a business and working space with family, whether that’s with your better half , your brother or sister, or even your beloved parent(s), being deliberate… Read More »

Family Matters: How to Make the Most of a Family-Owned Business

An Ode to my Mother….lessons learned from family business. Family business is in my blood. My grandfather owned an operated a service station for over 50 years. My mother opened a business in her forties and ran it for 20 years. I didn’t see it coming but I should have known that I, too, would… Read More »

Clear Lines, Clear Minds: The Importance of Open Communication in Family Business

Whether you’re a solopreneur or lead a small army, and are responsible for making most of the big decisions in your company, the majority of those hard conversations wind up being played out in your own head. You battle back and forth, weighing the pros and cons. Of course, you’re occasionally second-guessing yourself. While you… Read More »

Working Couples: Helpful Hints to Define What’s Yours, Mine, and Ours

These days, it’s becoming less and less uncommon in this industry to find working couples in the same business or running multiple, related businesses under the same roof.  Planning for a work-life balance, establishing boundaries and work spaces are the keys to a successful pairing, on site or kicked back on the sofa. The wedding world can… Read More »

Recommendations: The Art of Pairing Clients with the Perfect Pros

One of the least attractive industry conversations has to be the one surrounding recommendations and the selection of wedding professionals for clients. Event planners and venues are, by nature, in the position to share referrals for talented event professionals. Likewise, other pros are asked by their couples all the time for recommendations. In the client-creative… Read More »

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