Should You Put Your Pricing on Your Website?

Wedding vendors spend a lot of time corresponding with couples who are just inquiring about pricing. And, while having the chance to potentially sell your services makes the back and forth worth it, it can also be a drain on resources when, really, they can’t afford you. This leads us to the question: Should you post… Read More »

What You Need to do to Prep for the Next Booking Season

As wedding planners and pros, our lives can be a little (read: a lot) stressful. One of the best ways to get out ahead of things, though, is to use what precious downtime we do have to prep ourselves and our businesses for what’s to come (after, of course, pouring yourself a hearty glass of… Read More »

Introducing The Client Tab in Aisle Planner

You asked to be able to reference client information and send documents and invoices from within a wedding or event project and we heard you! So today, we are excited to introduce you to the new Client tab in Aisle Planner! Here is what you should know before diving in: Now you can reference your… Read More »

Exciting Updates to the Aisle Planner Lead Manager

Your Lead Manager plays an important role in your business. And, regardless of whether it is the thick of booking season and you are fielding inquiries from every which way or you are up to your eyeballs in wedding weekends, knowing exactly who your leads are, where in the sales process you are with them,… Read More »

Introducing Pro-User Permissions

As a wedding business owner, the people you work with can change overnight. From bringing on interns to hiring associates (or even business partners), managing a team is a very different experience from working as a planning party of one. And, as we have seen the businesses in our community flourish, we thought it important… Read More »

Updates to Settings

We’ve added a lot of new features over the past year and a half, and in an effort to streamline your experience within our tools, we consolidated some of your settings and tools to live under the Settings tab. Though you’ll take a new path to get to where you manage users, update your branding,… Read More »

Tips to Help you Nail Sales Calls and Consultations

This month at Aisle Planner, we’re focusing our efforts on all-things sales (that dirty ‘s’ word that so many of us associate with polyester-blend suits and shoddy car lots). But, our goal this month is to help you change the way you think of sales. As planners and wedding pros, selling is something we do… Read More »

3 Way to Improve Your Sales Process

Selling is much more than having smart sales strategies for converting inquiries to dollars. Think of selling as a process, or a system. The tighter your system, the better you’ll be at making the sale. Add these three things to your sales process to present yourself better to potential clients: 1. Sell Your Brand Before… Read More »

Editor’s Letter: Sales

I’ll be the first to admit that I hate sales. But, as a business owner, it is not one of those responsibilities that you can conveniently “forget to do.” (I see you – yeah you, with all of those unwritten blog posts!) Sales is one of the pillars to any business and this month, I… Read More »

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