On a Mission to Make an Impact: Meet the Dad & Daughter Duo Behind The Abundance Group

In the weddings and special events space, there’s an amazing—almost overwhelming—amount of resources available to every professional of every type and size. It should be no surprise when you consider the size of the industry globally, and the sheer breadth of professional segments, each with their own unique needs, paths, and processes. Some of these… Read More »

Staying Consistent With Your Branding and Business Values

When was the last time you stepped back and really looked at your brand? Branding is one of your strongest assets, but with the increasing notion to produce, we often find ourselves head down, pumping out blogs, Instagram posts, and working to reach the masses with a menagerie of digital assets. Ideas can go from… Read More »

A Fresh Take on Using Aisle Planner: Part 1

There’s a reason why every wedding professional decided to come into the business. The big “why?” should always be at the forefront of your work. We have our “why” and reason for motivation. And that answer is you! Maybe you just love the way the groom looks at the bride as she’s walking down the… Read More »

New Feature: Rich-Text Editing for Notes in Quotes and Invoices

No matter the size or scope of your wedding and special event business, details matter. A lot! Gathering, organizing and tracking details in the booking process is incredibly important. Turning new leads into your next clients requires clear and effective communication in order to give them confidence in the work you’re promising to bring their… Read More »

How Well Do You Know Your Team?

Anyone who’s been in the wedding industry for more than a minute knows that it takes a village to create a wedding, and you are only as strong as your weakest link. By knowing the ins and outs of your team members processes, you can create an event that seamlessly flows together. So, how well… Read More »

Embrace the Change: The Aisle Planner Brand Refresh

I spent this past weekend cleaning up around the office. I pulled out the boxes of holiday décor and began decorating. The next minute I’m purging files and cabinets in preparation for the new business year. December is always a mixed bag of both effort and emotion. In one 31-day span, we’re celebrating the season… Read More »

Member Spotlight: Jenni Koch of Wild Hill Flowers & Events

Jenni Koch is the owner and designer of Wild Hill Flowers & Events based in Kansas, which specializes in custom floral design as well as expert event coordination services. Jenni works to make your planning process just as lovely as your wedding day. With hundreds of weddings worth of experience, her thoughtful process and attention to… Read More »

How to Make Your Website More Discoverable and Attract New Clients

Your website is an incredible sales tool that’s accessible to potential clients and other wedding pros looking to refer your business. It’s available 24/7 and will be the first thing people see when they search your name, so you want to make sure it’s presentable and an accurate representation of you! Read on for six… Read More »

How Professional Photography Can Benefit Your Business

Businesses often view professional photography as an expendable item. Whether it’s an established business aiming to revamp its online presence or a startup building its first website, the cost of hiring a photographer can prompt you to think that photos aren’t worth it. After all, you can use your mobile phone to take a few… Read More »

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