3 Tips for Nailing that Elusive Work/Life Balance

All throughout June, we’re focusing on creating balance in your life, and we couldn’t let this topic go by without touching on that elusive work/life balance that we all work so hard to achieve. As business owners and planners, achieving the perfect work/life balance oftentimes feels impossible or, at the very least, a long (looooong)… Read More »

Balancing Mommyhood and Wedding Planning

As we spend our June focusing on creating balance in our lives, we have to touch on that one topic that planners everywhere have a love/hate relationship with: balancing parenthood and and wedding planning. It’s such a touchy topic, and there are no right answers. A childless planner is nearly always overworked, just as a parent… Read More »

Introducing Lead Management

As planners, we are juggling so many things behind the scenes, and often times we’re juggling multiple tools, software programs and systems to get everything done. We are thrilled to say that Aisle Planner is moving in the direction of becoming a complete platform for event professionals to manage their business and design, organize and… Read More »

Giving Yourself Permission to Say No

This month, we’re focusing on creating balance in our lives, and a big part of striking that elusive work/play balance comes from something most of us hate to do: saying NO. Whether it’s declining an invitation to a birthday party, or letting go of clients that aren’t the right fit, few things give me anxiety… Read More »

Defining Your Worth as a Wedding Planner

With this month’s focus being on creating balance in your lives, we thought it was a perfect time to talk about defining your worth as a planner. Without having accurately defined your worth, balance can be nearly impossible to achieve, as you’re likely working way too many hours for paychecks that don’t reflect the time… Read More »

Member Spotlight: Blomma Designs

There are only a couple places in the U.S. that still feel like they are a world away and Alaska is one of them! So, today we are excited to introduce you to Erin, Owner and Lead Designer of Blomma Designs in Anchorage, Alaska.  Erin is the hands on, get-it-done type who now works closely with her… Read More »

Your Best Year at Creating Balance

We’re so excited to kick off the sunny summer month of June with one of our favorite themes to-date: creating balance. The concept of balance, especially recently, has become one of those elusive buzzwords that we read about in self-help articles, see plastered on the walls of organic juice bars and hear in interviews with… Read More »

60 Minutes to Set-up Your Aisle Planner Account

Ready to dive into your new Aisle Planner account but have questions on where to start? We know that getting started can sometimes  be the hardest part, but we don’t ever want you to feel like you are going at it alone! So today we are going to walk you through how to set up your new Aisle Planner account… Read More »

Pushing Innovation Through Design

Whether you take on the title of “designer” or not, as a wedding planner you are constantly designing. You are thinking about the form of the event (what does it look like?) and considering its function (what effect will this have?) to craft a meaningful experience for your clients and their guests. But, what about… Read More »

Virtual Assistants: What it’s all about

This month, we’re all about innovating and, like we talked about earlier this month, innovation simply comes down to finding better ways to do things. Today, then, we wanted to talk about making your life easier and your business more productive through the use of virtual assistants. So, sit back, pour yourself a glass of… Read More »

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