Meet Meghan: Aisle Planner’s Director of Customer Engagement

If you’re an Aisle Planner, chances are you have had some one on one time with Meghan. Whether she’s walked you through a demo, taught you how to build a template or helped you set up your vendor library, basically everyone has learned a thing or two from this lady! Tina and Meghan literally crossed paths… Read More »

Introducing International Date & Time Formatting Options

Today, we propose a toast to our destination Aisle Planners and friends abroad as we announce the addition of international date and time formatting options to our suite of tools!  We released international currency settings not too long ago, so quite naturally we’re excited to share that Aisle Planner now supports both 12 hour and… Read More »

Why You Should “Back That Work Up”

This month, we’re all about focusing on innovation, and we came across a statistic the other day that absolutely frightened us: the average lifespan of a flash drive is 1-10 years. Think about that: a decade or less is all you’ll get out of a flash drive. Compare that to the hundreds of years archival… Read More »

4 Tips to Get You Innovating

The pressure to innovate is something that all business owners feel at some point. And, whether you are someone who has been in business for years and is looking to stay relevant or someone just starting a business and looking to stand out, pushing yourself to be innovative can help you reach your goals. In… Read More »

Foundational Lessons in Wedding Planning with LVL Academy

LVL Weddings and Events and Aisle Planner go way back – Lindsay was one of the first planners on Aisle Planner and has been a valuable part of our community. Over the years, Lindsay and Tina have been cheering each other on as they both built their teams, grew their businesses, and achieved their goals. So,… Read More »

Meet Christina: Aisle Planner’s Founder & President

Every great team has a great leader standing at the helm. And here at Aisle Planner, we are very lucky to have one of the most passionate, inspiring, and driven women in the wedding industry leading the charge!   When Christina founded Aisle Planner in 2013, I don’t know that she truly could have imagined… Read More »

Your Best Year in Innovation

Throughout the month of May we’ll be focusing on innovation—a topic that’s near and dear to our hearts here at Aisle Planner. I especially love today’s quote because it focuses on what innovation is all about: finding better ways to do things. And that just happens to be the idea Aisle Planner was founded on…. Read More »

Our Favorite Moments From The Sketchbook Series San Diego

What can I say? The Sketchbook Series last week in San Diego was an incredible time! We are honored to be a part of The Sketchbook Series 2016 tour and a part of helping Mary teach wedding professionals across the country how to bring their ideas to life. We all know that creativity is kind of… Read More »

4 Simple Ways to WOW Your Clients

As a planner, there are certainly a number of things that are expected of you once you book a new couple in their engaged bliss. Chances are, you’re going to be the one to lead them through the seemingly stressful and never-ending to do list leading up to their big day – and they look… Read More »

Creative Ways to Display Your Work

As planners, we are so lucky that we get to walk away from the work we do with proof—really pretty proof, in fact, in the form of photos, samples, videos, testimonials, etc. Our line of work is one of the few where our work samples come in the form of linens and flowers and other… Read More »

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