The Statement Heard ‘Round the Wedding Planning World

The Knot and Loverly recently announced that they’ll offer a “concierge” service to help couples begin their wedding-planning journey by providing them with personalized vendor recommendations from the site’s network of paying subscribers. Loverly founder and CEO Kellee Khalil stated that services like this are more affordable than using a traditional wedding planner. She said,… Read More »

Creating Color Palettes (Without the Guesswork)

As planners, our job, in a nutshell at least, is to bring our clients’ visions to life. While this sounds simple enough, one of the trickiest aspects of this seemingly straightforward goal is truly understanding what another person envisions. In other words, “barnyard chic” doesn’t always mean the same thing to everyone–to your couples it… Read More »

Five Projects to Awaken Your Inner Child

This month, we’re focusing on inspiring creativity in all aspects of your life. Oftentimes, as planners, we exert so much creative energy working on events and projects for other people, that we can end up feeling less-than-creative when we finally get some time for ourselves. So, today, we wanted to focus on fun projects you… Read More »

Master Style Guides: Two Ways

Planners do so much more than just recommend vendors to couples (uh, they build a team of the best professionals for the job! But more thoughts on that in the future). It’s your job as the planner to lead the charge in building and executing the vision for the entire wedding experience. From the color… Read More »

5 Books to Inspire Creativity

This month, we’re all about honing in on our most creative selves. As planners, we often find creativity on digital platforms. But, while browsing blogs and perusing Pinterest is a great way to spark some creativity in ourselves, I often find I become most creative when I shut everything off. One of my goals is… Read More »

Building Your Portfolio – Tips to Get the Shots You Need

Let’s be real here for a second. Have you ever poured your creative soul into a wedding, so excited to submit the photos and then realized there were shots you missed staging? It’s happened to us all…and it’s definitely a bummer. We all want to end up with beautiful images of our work because, in addition to wanting… Read More »

Member Spotlight: Gather Events

Sometimes we are reminded of how far San Diego is from Los Angeles – you know, when you want to meet up with your creative friends and remember that there is 3+ hours of traffic sitting in between you? Robin, the Owner and Lead Designer at Gather Events, is one of our friends that we… Read More »

Your Best Year in Creativity

How is April already here? We’re not quite sure, but we’re pretty darn happy about it. That’s because, this month, we’re honing in on one of our favorite themes yet—your best year in creativity. As planners, creativity is a word that’s thrown out there a lot. But, I really love today’s quote because it talks… Read More »

3 Reasons Why Your Client Experience Matters from Rhiannon Bosse

Hello Aisle Planner Fans! My name is Rhiannon and I’m the owner and creative director of Rhiannon Bosse, a boutique planning, design and floral firm located in the Midwest. Our approach involves servicing a very small handful of clients each year with a firm dedication to a remarkable client experience. My goal is to love… Read More »

“What Do My Couples See in Aisle Planner?”

Ever wonder what your couples see when they log onto Aisle Planner or receive notifications? We took some of the most frequently asked questions and broke it down for you! When I send the invite to my client, what do they see? Once you’ve prepped your client’s wedding and have sent out an invite, your client will receive… Read More »

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