How to Keep Couples Planning When You Take Time Off

As planners, we’re essentially entirely responsible for the success of our clients’ events (and people wonder why we drink so much wine). It’s a ton of pressure and we can often feel a sense of–we’re coining a phrase here–planner guilt when we’re not working. Planner guilt is built on the same premise as mom guilt:… Read More »

Introducing the New Aisle Planner Community Website

Today we are so very excited to introduce you to the new Aisle Planner Community website — our new hub for industry insights, professional resources, and all of the latest news and updates from Aisle Planner! As a wedding planning professional, you are always on the go, always in the know, and constantly juggling 10… Read More »

4 Ways Technology Trends are Impacting the Wedding Industry

Technology is in a constant state of flux (hello, new Instagram algorithm!) and it can be exhausting to keep up to date with everything! It has impacted our lives in lots of ways and how we plan and celebrate weddings is no exception. People’s needs have changed because of the direction that technology pushes us and… Read More »

Creative Ways to Energize Your Client Meetings

We’re all about enhancing your client experience this month and, oftentimes, our client experience starts with consultations and meetings. As planners with schedules chock-full of client meeting after client meeting, sometimes we can get in a rut. While routines are great for streamlining things (i.e. regularly meeting at your studio or at the same local… Read More »

How to Set Boundaries with Your Couples

Event planners and creatives tend to be natural-born givers. The nature of the job so often requires that we put others’ needs before our own — that we work on weekends, solve problems at midnight and respond to emergencies over the holidays. But, it’s so important to remember that a positive client experience comes as… Read More »

Onboarding Your Couples on to Aisle Planner

Aisle Planner is all about making your life and your clients’ lives easier and more efficient. To make this happen, though, strategically onboarding your clients is such an important part of the process. With the right amount of knowledge and guidance, couples will acclimate quickly (and easily) to Aisle Planner, but you have to invest… Read More »

How to Refuel Over the Weekend

The job of a wedding planner tends to be pretty high-pressure at all times. We’re responsible for making someone’s lifelong vision come true, after all. That’s no easy feat, especially when you factor in the perfectionist gene so many of us planners live with. Our clients’ weddings (and the expectations that come along with those… Read More »

Packing the Dance Floor with David Rothstein Music

How do a couple of San Diego female entrepreneurs meet a Chicago based band leader? In Vegas, of course! We met our new friend David at Wedding MBA last October and immediately hit it off. He is a guy with a huge heart so we thought it only appropriate to chat with him this month… Read More »

3 Last Minute Tax Tips with Amy Northard, CPA

Putting off things we don’t love to do is human nature. I usually put off my laundry until I have no clothes left to wear and you may have put off your taxes until the filing deadline. It happens! If that’s you, I’m sharing three things you can do to make the situation less stressful…. Read More »

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