The Benefits of Being a Control Freak

I have a confession to make: I may have control issues. For those who’ve met me and have gotten to know me, this is probably no breaking news line. I simply hate leaving things to chance and I luck isn’t something I bet on. I like to build processes and plans, and prepare in a… Read More »

Professionalism and Client Experience for New Wedding Planners

For new planners, breaking into the wedding industry can be tough. But like any industry, you have to do your research, brand yourself, and work hard to build a network. To get your business started, we’re here to share with you some of our tips and tricks to building your professional foundation and client experience. Read… Read More »

Communicate Like a Pro

Communication is a daily act with an often underestimated level of importance. From print to digital, in person or through some form of media, we are in near constant communication with each other. And, many times, we have no idea who we’re communicating with! In every instance, however, how we communicate relates to who we… Read More »

Personalization vs Standardization – Your Client Communication Plan

We are in such a personal business, doing weddings. Each event is so very personal for our clients. There are more emotions and higher expectations involved in weddings than with many other types of events. And, yet, we are still running businesses where efficiency and consistent results matter, as we want to be both profitable… Read More »

Feature Spotlight: The Benefits of Aisle Planner Questionnaires

Here at Aisle Planner, we are always trying to innovate and make your experience as a pro the best it can be, so you can make your couples’ wedding experience the best it can be! With the fairly new questionnaire feature, you can create questions and store all responses in one place, efficiently and effectively… Read More »

Personalizing Your Planning: AP Design Studio

We’d be willing to bet that some days you wake up and think that Pinterest is killing the wedding industry. Then, on other days, you love that you can find that one piece you’ve been searching for high and low to perfectly personalize your client’s special event. Simplify this process and give your couples and… Read More »

Personalizing The Planning Process

“Dear Bride and Groom,” is an epic fail when you are trying to make couples feel like you are building a relationship with them. And, this is even worse when your templated email goes to a same-sex couple. As wedding professionals, we are creating the biggest day in the lives of a couple—not to mention… Read More »

Member Spotlight: Courtney Tibbets of After The Engagement

We’re so excited to share our interview with Courtney Tibbets of After The Engagement. Courtney has been a wedding planner in Southern California since 2008 and is here to “plan the hell out of a kick-ass wedding.” From what started as a side hustle that became the wedding biz it is today, to the Aisle Planner… Read More »

Personalization for Gen “We”: What to Expect from the Digital Natives known as Generation Z

There’s Generation X, the baby boomers, Generation Y, and then the millennials. Our conversations have revolved around piecing together the millennial puzzle and finding out what they want as they walk down the aisle. But, just as we think we’ve got them all figured out, a new generation rises. Generation Z or Gen “We” is… Read More »

How To Personalize Your Brand

“Brand” is often defined as a name, symbol, or design that identifies or differentiates a product from other products. Setting yourself and your business apart in a wedding market that becomes more and more competitive every day, can make or break your business. Know how to break apart the elements of a brand and personalize it—making… Read More »

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