The Path to Becoming a Wedding Planner

The stories of how we came to be wedding planners start somewhere. For some, it was an interest from a young age and, for others, it meant jumping off of the corporate ladder and into the world of entrepreneurship. But no matter where your path to becoming a wedding planner started, your personal journey, your stories,… Read More »

Your Best Year in Client Experience

As wedding planners, few parts of our job are more important than our interactions with clients. So, we’re focusing our efforts this month on creating your best year in client experience. To kick off March’s theme, then, we wanted to share this Wallpaper Download with you. We chose today’s quote because one of the most… Read More »

The Little Touches That Go a Long Way

There are a million ways that you can make your couples feel special throughout the planning process and whether it’s as easy as picking up a cup of coffee from their favorite spot or as hard as spending hours hunting down that special detail, one things always rings true — it is the thought that… Read More »

Creating a Thoughtful & Purposeful Workspace

We’re all about thoughtfulness this month, and, before March rolls around and we start to touch on a new theme, we wanted to talk about thoughtfulness in one last sense — thoughtfulness as it applies to yourself. We often think of being thoughtful as something we should do for others, but it’s also important to… Read More »

International Wedding Trends

The world of weddings has changed dramatically over the last decade and we are no longer at the mercy of traditions. There is an almost anything goes feel to many celebrations in the 21st century with the personality of the couple in question being at the forefront of the design. Nevertheless, we do live in… Read More »

Planning a Wedding Abroad with Nomad Republic

Europe is where romance was born, let us take you there… Europe has always been appealing to American folks. It has the romance, the lifestyle, a rich tradition and a tangible connection to the past that draws you in. France and Italy are two of the most popular destinations among couples-to-be-married and honeymooners, not only… Read More »

Letter Writing 101: Tips & Tricks

Writing a letter or sending a card is one of our absolute favorite ways to be thoughtful. It tends to be a bit of a lost art these days, which makes it all the more valuable. (I recently had a young person ask me if stamps are still sold, which prompted my immediate trip to… Read More »

Introducing International Currency Settings

We’re super (SUPER) excited to break down our newest feature for you today because Aisle Planner has gone global!  Our community of Aisle Planners spans around the world  (52 countries to be exact!) and we could not be more excited to have friends in the most amazing places. So today, we are proud to release new international currency… Read More »

WedTech: When Weddings and Technology Collide

Carolyn Gerin is the Co-Founder of WedTech Summit — the first wedding conference and community uniting big brands and startups, and the technology that drives the wedding industry. Their 2016 summit is later this month so we sat down with her to talk about taking WedTech on the road (hello, Maui!) and how the organization is helping… Read More »

The Art of Saying Thank You

This month is all about being thoughtful, so today we’re breaking down the business of saying thank you. As planners, at any given time we likely have plenty of people we need to thank for their contributions to our business–vendors, clients, colleagues, wine. And while it’s easy to get wrapped up in the habit of… Read More »

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