Looking Back: 2015 in Review

The end of a year can be a conflicted time as a business owner. You spend all year pouring over your business, taking care of it like it’s your baby, and watching it grow. You feel the satisfaction and pride that comes with building something yourself and it makes you want to cry happy tears…. Read More »

6 Ways to Stay Productive While Working From Home

As planners, more often than not, our primary physical work space is in our home. We love this about the job–working from home can be so empowering, but it takes some serious discipline and focus to stay on track and deliver the best results. Today, then, we’ve rounded up 6 tips to help you stay… Read More »

Your brand. Not ours.

Your brand is more than just your logo. It is the experience, reputation, blood, sweat, and tears that you pour into your business. Your brand is often the first thing potential customers interact with (setting the tone and their expectations) and that’s why it is so important to create a strong and consistent brand presence. Beyond… Read More »

How to Master the Art of Public Relations

There are lots of ways to show off your work to prospective clients and creative partners nowadays. And even though you have plenty of outlets where you can share your work and personality at the tap of a touch screen, getting your work published by a media outlet can be a powerful thing. We know that… Read More »

Why You Should Share Your Secrets

Something I’ve noticed in my five years in the wedding industry is how closely we guard our processes and wedding “secrets.” I vividly remember trying to break into the industry, yet there being next to no resources available for new planners. Of course, there are plenty of certifications out there, but those tend to focus… Read More »

Member Spotlight: Lucky & In Love

We met Katherine of Lucky & In Love over the summer in the midst of a transition for her family and her business. She and her husband moved to San Diego from Arizona and (lucky for us!) she figured out that she was moving to our neighborhood. So we met up with her to talk… Read More »

How to Prepare for Tax Season

It’s almost everyone’s favorite time of year: tax time. It’s something we can’t avoid, so I’m here to help you make this process less stressful by following these five steps. 1. Organize your receipts The following two systems for organizing receipts are great on their own, or you could do a combination of them. Envelope… Read More »

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