An Interview with Oatmeal Lace

Earlier this fall I asked our community of Aisle Planners “How do you all keep from misplacing your keys, phone and all of your other tiny tools during wedding set up?” And, very quickly, there was lots of love being shared about Oatmeal Lace aprons. So, naturally, I reached out to its Founder and Designer,… Read More »

Engagement Season is Here!

The only thing I love more than wine season (oh wait, that’s everyday) is engagement season! Some 40 percent of couples get engaged over the holidays, which starts the official booking season. (Some vendors even book 50 percent of their availability over the holidays. Yikes.) Engagement season is exciting because it ultimately means more work… Read More »

Aisle Planner at LVL Academy: Greatness Awaits

Tayler and I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural LVL Academy this weekend and we cannot express what an amazing weekend it was! We had the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new things (like how to tie a real bow tie), and had the chance to speak to this excited and driven group… Read More »

Elle Bridal Goes to Bridal Fashion Week

Today, we are so excited to bring you the East Coast adventures of two very West Coast women. Krystel and Karina, founders of Couture Events and owners of Elle Bridal Boutique, happen to be two of the raddest women ever (next to Beyoncé and the First Lady, obvi) and so generously shared their Bridal Fashion… Read More »

How to Keep Your Email Content Fresh

It’s that time again — time to send out your e-newsletter to your list. These people are dying to hear what you have to say next, but you’re just sitting there staring at the blinking cursor (and a beautifully designed, but blank newsletter template). You don’t want to send the same ho-hum info that all… Read More »

Creating an Inspiration Board

The practice of setting the mood is something we do all the time. The deep breath you take in the kitchen when your morning coffee is brewing. When you light your favorite candle on your desk before sitting down to work. The time you take to create the perfect playlist for your dinner party. It’s… Read More »

Social Media Crash Course: How to Build a Social Media Strategy

Social media is the center of our world nowadays. Many of us roll out of bed and have checked our Instagram account before we have even stumbled to the kitchen to make that of-so-important cup of coffee. We keep in touch with friends, stay on top of the news, and research purchases via our social… Read More »

Member Spotlight: Amorology

Heather Balliet is the founder of Amorology in San Diego, California. Inspired to tell the love stories of each of the couples she works with, she and her team do so in their own special way. Heather is a working mom of four (that deserves an applause!) and is building a future that is exciting… Read More »

Halloween Horror Stories

What’s scarier than an empty candy bowl on Halloween? Some of the crazy things you end up doing or seeing as a wedding planner! So, in the spirit of the season, here are some of our community’s most memorable (and spooky) moments. Happy haunting! Does the time I had to send the mother of the groom… Read More »

Guest Blogging: Why You Should Give it a Go

Guest blogging is gaining some serious traction these days and you may be wondering what it’s all about. As planners (with like-whoa busy schedules), the thought of blogging for our own platforms can be tedious, let alone the thought of doing it for others. But, not to fear, fellow planners — there are plenty of… Read More »

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