Designing Dream Ceremony Layouts With Aisle Planner

Year after year, planners and designers create new and inventive ways to lay out a ceremony. From a spiralized seating arrangement to luxurious sofas, there’s no one way design the space! Most limitations will occur in a house of worship or venue with permanent seating. But, when held in a backyard, garden, or barn, the… Read More »

The Importance of Creating a Table Mock-Up

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, then a face-to-face table mock-up must be worth a million. These are the days of inspirational design boards, infinite color palettes, and, of course, Pinterest. Sometimes, there’s no easier way to clarify precisely what a couple is wanting than to create it with them. Many… Read More »

Fine Lines: Tools of the Trade

Very few thing set apart a good event designer from a great event designer like clean lines, a well-set table, and perfectly placed chairs. From cardboard cutouts to laser levels, find out pros favorite tools to getting clean-cut lines. Get It Straight The wedding ceremony is the perfect place to begin. Picture yourself at a… Read More »

Personalizing The Planning Process

“Dear Bride and Groom,” is an epic fail when you are trying to make couples feel like you are building a relationship with them. And, this is even worse when your templated email goes to a same-sex couple. As wedding professionals, we are creating the biggest day in the lives of a couple—not to mention… Read More »

Customer Service Horror Stories and How to Handle Them

Regardless of how much you plan for this, plan for that (plan for everything), there comes a time in every wedding planners’ career that it hits the fan. From miscommunication, acts of god, and things that are just out of your control, your job, then, is to provide the best customer service you can. So… Read More »

Aisle Planners Answer: Why It Costs What It Costs

We don’t think we’ve met a wedding professional who hasn’t lost some sleep over pricing. Whether it’s because they don’t know where they stand in comparison to their competition or the sheer mental exhaustion of being asked to discount their prices for the millionth time, the topic of pricing can be described as nothing short… Read More »

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