Building Your Portfolio – Tips to Get the Shots You Need

Let’s be real here for a second. Have you ever poured your creative soul into a wedding, so excited to submit the photos and then realized there were shots you missed staging? It’s happened to us all…and it’s definitely a bummer. We all want to end up with beautiful images of our work because, in addition to wanting… Read More »

4 Ways Technology Trends are Impacting the Wedding Industry

Technology is in a constant state of flux (hello, new Instagram algorithm!) and it can be exhausting to keep up to date with everything! It has impacted our lives in lots of ways and how we plan and celebrate weddings is no exception. People’s needs have changed because of the direction that technology pushes us and… Read More »

Onboarding Your Couples onto Aisle Planner

Aisle Planner is all about making your life and your clients’ lives easier and more efficient. To make this happen, though, strategically onboarding your clients is such an important part of the process. With the right amount of knowledge and guidance, couples will acclimate quickly (and easily) to Aisle Planner, but you have to invest… Read More »

Packing the Dance Floor with David Rothstein Music

How do a couple of San Diego female entrepreneurs meet a Chicago based band leader? In Vegas, of course! We met our new friend David at Wedding MBA last October and immediately hit it off. He is a guy with a huge heart so we thought it only appropriate to chat with him this month… Read More »

The Little Touches That Go a Long Way

There are a million ways that you can make your couples feel special throughout the planning process and whether it’s as easy as picking up a cup of coffee from their favorite spot or as hard as spending hours hunting down that special detail, one things always rings true — it is the thought that… Read More »

International Wedding Trends

The world of weddings has changed dramatically over the last decade and we are no longer at the mercy of traditions. There is an almost anything goes feel to many celebrations in the 21st century with the personality of the couple in question being at the forefront of the design. Nevertheless, we do live in… Read More »

Planning a Wedding Abroad with Nomad Republic

Europe is where romance was born, let us take you there… Europe has always been appealing to American folks. It has the romance, the lifestyle, a rich tradition and a tangible connection to the past that draws you in. France and Italy are two of the most popular destinations among couples-to-be-married and honeymooners, not only… Read More »

What’s Your Style with Wedding Paper Divas

Today, we are so thrilled to collaborate with the one and only Wedding Paper Divas and share this wedding style quiz with you. As planners, honing on on a couple’s particular style is such an important part of our job. While a bride may not know how exactly to describe her style, she’ll likely have a number… Read More »

Finding Inspiration as a Professional Creative

I wish I could say there is a perfect formula for finding inspiration. Especially as someone who makes of living off of that very thing – you’d think I’d have that nailed down by now. I’ve certainly tried my hardest, recreating the perfect scene every time I’m in need of a moment of creative genius…. Read More »

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