The Importance of Online Reviews and How AP Makes it Easy

It’s almost that time of year! The trees are changing colors, the air is crisp, and proposals are being meticulously planned as we speak. Engagement season begins in late November and goes all the way up until Valentine’s Day. As you prepare for this engagement season, let’s talk about all things reviews.  As humans, we… Read More »

10 Things to Do to Prep for Busy Season

We know October has only just begun. But, before you know it, the busy season will be winding down and you’ll have some free time to spare. During this time, while things are a little slower, is the best time to get ahead and strengthen your foundation before your calendar fills up again! Here are… Read More »

The Foundation Comes First

It’s been over five years since we launched Aisle Planner. In that time, we’ve grown from an idea born in a garage to becoming a real company. We started with one customer. Now, we have thousands of planners, venues, florists, caterers and photographers using our software. They’re managing their businesses and planning and executing events… Read More »

The Value of Mentorship

Unfortunately, too many times in the wedding and events industry, mentoring can be a challenge to navigate. Some people with vast experience are afraid to share for fear of competition; while newer people may think they’re learning everything they need to know online. I think that in my twenty-plus years of wedding planning I’ve spent equal… Read More »

Time Management: Putting the Proper Tools in Place

“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first four hours sharpening the axe”. As President Abraham Lincoln knew, there will only ever be 24 hours in a day. This scientific fact is true no matter how hard we try to make time magically appear.Managing your business, planning your… Read More »

5 Tips to Keep Team Communications in Check

Nothing can stall a project or spin it into chaos like uncontrolled communication. In either case, productivity comes to a standstill. Having the right detail and team communication management tools in place (like the publisher of this article, hint, hint), wedding pros can keep their clients, team members and partners linked together and informed 24/7…. Read More »

Taking Back Control: The ‘Unselfishness’ of Putting You First

  Maybe it’s just us but it seems like the volume of things to do has been turning up, and up, and up… There is so much, and it’s all of the time! From growing your business and keeping up with your clients and vendors, to fulfilling your social obligations. But what about you? Your… Read More »

Streamline Your Process In 3 Easy Steps

Ask anyone who’s owned their own business for quite some time, and they will tell you that if you don’t control your business, your business will surely control you. Many wedding pros come up with a vision for their brand and develop a brand identity. For too many, unfortunately, it stops there. The critical “last… Read More »

Our Favorite Moments from The Big Fake Wedding Chicago

Last month, Trevor packed his bags and headed to The Big Fake Wedding in Chicago, Illinois at Company 251. The Big Fake Wedding is a bridal show alternative complete with an emotional vow renewal ceremony, light bites, and a dance-party reception. Besides a big, fake wedding to connect brides and grooms with the best local… Read More »

Controlling Client Expectations: Show Them You’re The Expert

There are a few things in life that we have full control over. There are certainly aspects of your role as a wedding professional that seem out of your reach, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much control you have over your client’s expectations. When we think of expectations, we don’t think that they… Read More »

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