Team Building: The Unexpected Benefit to Styled Shoots

Over the past few years, styled shoots have gotten a bad rap in some wedding circles. They say things like, “People with no experience can look like rock stars!” and “They set unrealistic expectations for couples planning their wedding.” We hear you! These comments can sometimes be true but, done correctly, styled shoots can be… Read More »

Team Building Tips for Your Best Events

  Unfortunately, in the world of weddings, not every team is a good team. Sometimes, the weakest link may be the couple. Other times, it might be a vendor the couple found on their own, or a wedding professional who does not play well with others. To avoid complications and ensure that everyone will work… Read More »

Building All-Star Vendor Teams Through Generous Leadership

As event planners, we put a lot of time, energy, and effort into attracting our ideal clients. We spend countless hours developing relationships within our creative community, touring venues, blogging, and working on our social media. When our clients finally hire us, they are relying on our ability to build and lead their vendor team… Read More »

Welcome to the Team! Turning Clients Into Confident Advocates

Showing a couple you are working with that you are on their team is huge! It helps build trust, which is critical to planning, and it ensures that you have a great open line of communication, keeps you in the loop with the rest of the team, and often prevents a meltdown. You want them… Read More »

Team Building: The Essentials from CEO Rob Farrow

As most businesses are in the end, Aisle Planner is the sum of its parts. To be more specific, our company is a combination of two elements: our products and our team. We could not be here today without the incredible team we have assembled and continue to build around our collective vision for this… Read More »

Building Professional Relationships & A Competitive Network

A little competition can be a positive and healthy way to push you on the path towards success when starting your career. In the wedding industry, pros value community over competition. If you are relatively new in the industry, it’s important to begin building professional relationships with other vendors in your area. Simply asking,”How do I… Read More »

Competition and the Sprinkler Head Effect

When it comes to competition, humans are like sprinkler heads, moving from right to left thinking about who might be sitting next to us and why they might have all the answers that we don’t. I think it’s safe to say that thinking about what others are accomplishing vs. what we think we aren’t, can… Read More »

Staying at the Top of Your Game and Enhancing Creativity Through Competition

Competition is the bread and butter for a creative individual in a creative industry. That’s you! You’re a creative in an industry driven by fresh ideas, innovation and the desire to push boundaries. You’re a creator, and creators must remain competitive in order to try (and, often, fail at) new things. You’re probably thinking about… Read More »

Don’t Believe the Hype: Clearing the Air on Creative Content

“Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see.” With the access our world has to a full spectrum of digital media pulpits and bullhorns, this old adage is perfectly appropriate in addressing the overwhelming volume of voices, ideas and (mis)information streaming through our feeds. And, the statement is universally applicable and… Read More »

Global Community: Building a Better Business with World Reach

No one in the wedding and events industry works or lives in a bubble. The average vendor count for any event hovers around the fourteen mark! We’re all part of a local team who interlock and create seamless, stylish events for satisfied clients (most of them, at least). Today’s digitally connected world is wildly diverse… Read More »

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